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Sept. 7

Imagine: Being Like Jesus

Dr. McConnell



Sept. 14

Imagine: Teaching Like Jesus

Dr. McConnell


Sept. 21

Imagine: Caring Like Jesus

Dr. McConnell


Sept. 28

Imagine: Serving Like Jesus

Dr. McConnell








1   Janet McIntire

2   Teri Capparucci

2   Jim Streible

3   Diane Keegan

3   Sarah Clarke

3   Lee Kizer

4   Eleanor Tandy

4   Mercia Weyand

4   Ruth Kenyon

5   Kayla Brodrick

5   Caitlin Foster

6   Doug Nielson

7   David DeVoe

7   Elliot Brown

8   Andrea Peacock

9   Kenneth Strahm

9   Susan Welborn

10  Donna Flood

10  John Bunch

10  Roger Dickerson

10  Caleb Hammett

11  Dick Tandy

11  Janet Warren

11  Mike Snedden

11  Bonnie Pirlot

11  Addison Dembski

12  Jane Baskin

14  Hayley Nagel

15  Mike Adams

15  Lindi Moot

15  George Hamilton

16  Rod Clark

16  Tom Funk

16  Ben Keller

16  Isabel Kizer

10  Jeff Meigs

16  Craig Rizk

17  Tim McConnell

17  Ann Streible

17  Robyn Richter

18  Phil McClendon

18  Doreen Waugaman

18  Greyson Fowler

18  Christopher Ray

19  Karen Miller

20  William Briggs

20  Diane Downs

21  Ellen Parkerson

21  Barbara Duda

21  Robert Gettys

21  Andrew Kennedy

21  Griffin Dilworth

22  Carol Lewis

22  Gordon Scott

23  Lynne Buchanan

23  Myrall Wiggins

23  Bailey Seitter

24  Hugh Ryder

25  Tom Conkright

26  Karen Adair

26  Barry Gannon

26  Chris Jackson

26  Courtenay Frew

27  Mallory Becker

27  Roland Stebbins

27  Bruce Hanson

27  Steven Cummings

27  Tom Nickles

28  Harry Owen

28  Suzanne Yates

28  Shanna Bryington

28  Samuel Watson

29  Marilyn Michelitch

29  Ella Goodwin

29  Liam Ryder

20  James Gruber 


Happy Anniversary


3   Devin & Sara Brown

4   Gordon & Kelley


4   Don & Diane Preus

6   Kedrick & Sara Daw

6   Dan & Kathy


7   Richard & Kim Peery

8   Steve & Debbie


12  Ken & Linda Johnson

12  Craig & Heidi Morris

16  Scott & Pam Keller

17  Jack & Sylvian


18  David & Karen


20  Mark & Wendi


22  Wesley & Omega


22  Bruce & Shawn


23  Brad & Susan West

26  Karl & Lisa Barner

28  Sam & Lane


28  Greg & Andrea


30  Tony & Jenifer Pecht





Wed. Night Meals


Wednesday Night Meals will be starting at 6PM on Wednesday, September 3 in the CLC. Since our chef Mike cannot be with us until the beginning of 2015, chef Jeff Knapp will be our interim chef. We will be following the Cobb County school calendar.


Food prices have gone up dramatically and there will be slight increase in dinner prices.


Adults and teens $8.00

Seniors $7.00

Families $22.00

Children $5 (Elementary School)

Pre-school and below are free


Chef Jeff is excited to bring us some old favorites and some new healthy choices! We look forward to this time of fellowship, and as always, we invite your help! Call Linda Zollweg (770-490-6957) or Karen Miller (678-522-5267) to volunteer! 


Sept. 3



Spaghetti with & without

      meat sauce

Pasta Con Broccoli

Italian Salad



Sept. 10


Baked Chicken

Mashed Potatoes


Green Beans

Glazed Carrots

Seven Layer Salad

Various Cakes


Sept 17

No Meal due to Cobb County Break


Sept. 24

Roast Pork

Fried Chicken

Mac & Cheese


Corn w/Red Pepper

Green Salad

Birthday Cake






Sept. 7


Jenny Seitter

Teresa Roberts



Cindy Moran

Martie Pottinger

Karen Adair


Sept. 14


Leigh Sain

Beth Hartt



John & Janie Bunch

Bill & Melinda Freeman


Sept. 21


Sarah Nielsen

Teri Capparucci



Mike & Jennie Adams

Randy & Edwina




Sept. 28


Kim Brammer

Val Mote



Chris & Ellen Foster

Paul & Snookie Goldberg












Becoming Like Jesus


C. S. Lewis grew up a cynical atheist. He said that everything he considered 'real' made him depressed and dark, and everything that gave him joy and hope had to be dismissed as 'imaginary.' Later in life, as a professor, he took a long walk through the night with his friend, J. R. R. Tolkien. Tolkien explained to Lewis that he was thinking about his imagination in the wrong way. There are not two distinct categories, the 'real' and the 'imaginary.' What if God had given him an imagination so that he could perceive what is truly real?


Lewis looked back on that night as the critical moment leading to his conversion. His journey to God took a turn, and he began to value the imagination as a gift from God. He went on to become one of the most imaginative authors of the 20th century, creating an entire allegorical world called Narnia to teach the Christian faith.


Every time we worship, we use our imagination. Philosopher James K. A. Smith calls the liturgy (the patterns of worship) "imagining the Kingdom." We welcome one another, imagining how Jesus welcomes to the Kingdom. We sing, imagining the joy of the Kingdom. We pray, protesting the broken world we live in and imagining the wholeness of the Kingdom. We hear the Word of God, counteracting the tendency to create our own truth and make ourselves out to be our own God. We confess our sins, and neither ignore them nor dwell on them, but confess them and receive forgiveness for them based on what Christ has done for us on the Cross. We sit at the table of the Lord and imagine the great feast of the Kingdom Come. Every worship service is a practice of our imagination-not so we are immersed in fantasy, but so we can know what is truly real in God's eyes.


There are other liturgies we participate in all the time. The liturgy of the shopping mall; the liturgy of a day at school; the liturgy of a football game...these all shape our imaginations too. I hope you will take the next couple of months and immerse your imagination in the patterns of the Kingdom of God. Come imagine becoming like Jesus. Come and get shaped in your hopes, dreams, and desires so that you long more and more for the Kingdom where Jesus reigns and less and less for the empty fiefdoms of this world.


Yours in Christ,



"Beloved, we are God's children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is."   --1 John 3:2


Youth September Calendar   


Sunday Youth Groups

4:15p Middle School Youth

5:30p Dinner

6p High School Youth


Wednesday 3: Youth Activities Begin

Youth Fellowship at 5pm (all grades)

Dinner at 6pm (all grades)

Middle School Bible Study at 7pm


Thursday 4: 6-7:30pm High School Bible Study

Boys meet in Youth Room

Girls meet at the Hudson Home


Sunday 7: Youth Groups

Wednesday 10: Youth Activities

Thursday 11: High School Bible Studies


Sunday 14: Youth Groups

Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18: NO Youth Activities


Sunday 21: No Youth Activites

Wednesday 24: Youth Activities

Thursday 25: High School Bible Studies


Sunday 28: 1-5pm Paintball (all grades)

                     Please RSVP to


Christian Education


Training for Teachers, Youth Leaders and Volunteers

Fall Training for all teachers of Christian Life Training classes as well as Youth Ministry Leaders/Volunteers will be on Sunday, September 7, from 2-4pm in CLC Room 208. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.




Wednesday Night Program 

Wednesday Night Dinners as well as all of our Wednesday evening programs (Adult classes, Youth Bible studies and the Children's SLAM program) will start back up for the Fall on Wednesday, September 3.


SLAM (Serving God, Loving others, And Making a joyful noise) is our midweek kids' program on Wednesdays from 5-6pm that combines Praise, Worship, and the Bible in a fun and energetic way for kids! Open to ages 4yrs - 5th grade. For more details or to sign-up your children, please contact Hubie Mann (


Wednesday Night Courses (7-8pm)

Classes meet following the Fellowship Dinner from 6-7pm. Childcare is provided in Room 3


The Pastor's Study - From start to finish, the Gospel of Luke is filled with amazement. Throughout the life and ministry of Jesus, those who met him were astonished by their encounter, from the shepherds at the nativity to the disciples at the empty tomb. Join Dr. McConnell as he continues the inductive study through this "amazing" Gospel that was begun last year. Even if you weren't able to participate previously, you can still join in! This class meets in CLC Room 209 and runs from September 3 to January 28 (with a 3 week break during the Christmas holidays).


Heaven Is For Real - Do you have questions about heaven? Just about everybody does, so join the club! In this discussion based study, we will seek to discover from the Old and New Testaments what God has promised and will provide for us in Eternity. We will be using a workbook and DVDs by Dr. David Jeremiah and several other well-known theologians to guide us in our discussions. If you're seeking answers about heaven, then this is the class for you. Meets in the CLC Library from September 3 to December 10 and will be led by Tommy Nickles.


Power Up Your Marriage is an exciting 15-week course designed to help couples move toward building a stronger relationship with Christ as their guide. This fun, interactive class will explore topics such as: conflict resolution, enhancing communication, improving emotional connectedness, developing genuine friendship, and much more. The course is also open to couples planning on getting married. It will be led by Eddie Capparucci, a licensed associate counselor and his wife, Teri, a counseling student and will meet in CLC Room 204 from September 3 to December 10.


Grace Based Parenting - Grace Based Parenting is not another manual full of impossible standards; rather it is a new map for learning to see ourselves and our children through God's limitless tenderness - to raise our kids the way God raises us-through Grace. The best part is that it is never too early and never too late to begin to apply these concepts into your family. No matter what age and stage you and your child are in, no matter what your family dynamic is, the principles of Grace Based Parenting can make a difference in your family. This interactive discussion class features a DVD series by Dr. Tim Kimmel, author of Grace Based Parenting, and will be led by Hubie and Terri Mann in CLC Room 208 from September 3 to December 10.



Small Groups

Imagine being part of a group small enough that you're missed when you're gone? A group where you really know each other, where you are really known? Imagine a group with enough love and trust that you can challenge each other with the Scriptures ("admonish one another" as the Bible says)? Now's your chance to experience this kind of group life. Many new small groups are being formed this fall for fellowship, Bible study, and caring. If you're interested in joining a small group, please fill out a Small Groups Survey and return it to the church office or contact Hubie Mann at or 770-977-2976 ext. 22.


Deacon's Corner


Are You the Parent of a College Student?

If you are the parent of a college-bound student this fall, the Nurture Team needs their address.  We like to send notes of encouragement and treats a few times during the school year, but we need your help.  Please send your child's name and address for the 2014/15 school year to


Mission News


Hands of Hope Mission


The Mission of Hands of Hope is to provide a pathway of hope by building relationships and reaching out to others with the love of Jesus Christ in McDowell County West Virginia. Eastminster Mission Teams travel as the "hands and feet of Christ" to this impoverished area in the Appalachian Mountains twice a year. 


We have just learned that several of the still operating mines are closing which will lay-off approximately 560 workers starting in August. This will have a major impact on the already poor economy and residents of McDowell County. It will be a hard Christmas and winter in the mountains.

The EPC Mission Team will travel to West Virginia on October 23,24,25,26 this fall. Please follow the information in the church bulletin for types of donations needed.

The Eastminster Teams participate in programs that foster building relationships and bringing hope and purpose to the lives of the people of McDowell County  We provide and participate in Women's programs, Children's programs, home repair projects, food programs, and visits to the Hollers to provide food boxes and lunch bags. The diaper fund is another ongoing project. Thanks to the congregation's financial support we have been able to supply an awesome 18 cases of diapers as needed since February.

If you would like to join the Mission Team for October:   please contact Suzie or Norm Baur, EPC Coordinators for Hands of Hope, at, or 770-321-0188. 

In April a Hands of Hope Support Team was formed which provided baked goods, craft project assistance, and much more prior to the trip. Their participation was a very valuable support and help for the Mission Team!  The donations, prayer and financial support provided by church members are an essential part of this mission! We thank you so much for your continued support and generosity for Hands of Hope.


"If you want to see God, walk among the broken and the beaten, the unattractive and forgotten - there you will see Him."


Women's Ministry  


Sonflower Sisters September meeting is coming up!  Moms with elementary-aged daughters are invited to the first Sonflower Sisters meeting of year. Join us on Friday, September 5th at 7pm in the Youth Room (in the CLC) to hear about Hands of Hope. Suzie Baur will be talking to the girls about Hands of Hope, a mission that Eastminster supports in West Virginia.  We'll be making potholders to send with the mission team on their fall trip.  If you have any questions, please contact Beth Hartt at .




Craft Circle 

Craft Circle will meet Monday, September 8th, 10-1, Room 203/CLC.  We will be completing all projects in the works before beginning a new mission project in October.  Please bring sewing machines and your favorite scissors.  Also, bring an item to place in the (dog themed) basket for donation to the Fall Festival.  Any questions, call Lynn Hall (770-552-0949) or Lynne Buchanan (404-234-5063). 



Lunch Bunch 

Our September Ladies Lunch Bunch will meet at noon, September 18th at Keegan's Irish Pub, 4401 Shallowford Rd., Marietta. Directions from church:  Turn left onto Sewell Mill and go until you reach Johnson Ferry Rd.  Turn left and continue on Johnson Ferry Rd. until you reach Shallowford Rd. Turn right (noting Chicago Restaurant on your left).Turn left into same shopping center as Chicago's. Keegan's Irish Pub will be directly ahead of you in the corner. RSVP to Sandra Allen by September 16th at or 770-977-8742.






Calling all bakers!

Women's Ministry needs YOU!! Once again, Women's Ministry will sponsor the bake sale at the Fall Festival on Saturday, October 11th. Pull out your favorite recipes and bring your tastiest creations - we need cookies, cakes, pies, breads, muffins, brownies, cupcakes and other treats. Baked goods may be dropped off in the Youth Room at the church on Friday, October 10th between 10 and 4 or on Saturday morning. Bake sale helpers are needed on Friday to price and package goodies and on Saturday to help sell baked goods in the booth. To volunteer to bake and/or help, please email Sylvian Williams at or Katie Todd at All Fall Festival bake sale proceeds are donated to missions. Thank you for your help!



You are invited to the

Rooted Women's Conference!

Eastminster Women's Ministry is partnering with several churches in our area to bring this women's conference to East Cobb. This 2-day event will feature speaker Lysa TerKuerst who is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries. Please make plans to join us October 24th (6pm-9:30pm) and October 25th (8am-12:30pm - lunch included) at Mt Bethel United Methodist Church. Tickets will be on sale after both services through the month of September for only $35 a piece. Don't miss this chance to save $5 (tickets are $40 online). For more information, contact Helen Hvizdak at or log onto 


Fall Festival - October 11


Fall Festival

The kids are back at school, we've had Rev up for Fall - it only means one thing: it is time for BBQ pork, jumping castles and pony rides! Reserve the weekend of October 10 and 11 for Fall Festival. We will be pulling people in with the smell of BBQ, and keeping them captive with Christian neighborliness.


In the month ahead you will be receiving more information, including requests for involvement in the various activities. Please consider ways in which you can help to make the event worthy of the great God we serve.

Pray for the planning and preparation of the event, as well as the day itself. It is our largest opportunity to reach out to the local community and share with them our Limitless God.



Book Sale

Please drop off any cookbooks or paperback books in the boxes labeled Fall Festival books in the CLC or the alcove. Remember, paperback books only, unless they are cookbooks or children's books. Questions? Contact Jeanette Gowen at or 770-587-1398.


Calling all Crafters!

The Fall Festival will be here soon and there are still booths available. Pick up a form at the Church Office or email Sally Brentzel at



Silent Auction

A huge thank you to the past supporters who have donated goods and services over the years.  We are calling out to past, and potential new supporters to start thinking about donations for the upcoming event, Saturday, October 11.  We can't do this without church member support! We need works of art, creative theme baskets, offerings of home-cooked meals, or useful skills and talents to name just a few of the items that have kept folks coming back year after year.  If you don't know what to donate, please call.  We can offer you a suggestion! Thanks once again for your faithful support. Coordinators: Sarah Nielsen ( or 770-634-1734) and Barbara Lowery ( or 770-973-1172).




The Harvest and Amazing Grace


Since before I first met with the EPC Mission Team in Fall 2009, Eastminster Presbyterian Church and The Journey have had a wonderful relationship. That relationship proved faithful, and strong in Summer 2012 when our ministry's relationship with Cherokee Presbytery was unexpectedly and abruptly dissolved. At a time when hope seemed lost, Eastminster Presbyterian Church provided new hope, giving us the opportunity to continue bringing people into a relationship with Christ at KSU.

As we begin this Fall Season, I'm reminded of how faithful and strong we are. I'm reminded of the Harvest. I'm reminded of our mission to lead young adults from where they are to where God wants them to be. I'm reminded of amazing grace. And I'm reminded that it cannot happen unless I have an incredible team of partners behind me who know and are growing in that amazing grace. 

The harvest is plenty. The laborers are few. 

The Journey's harvest is completely dependent on the amazing grace of others. In other words, our budget doesn't exist without financial support. Since July 2012, we've shifted to raising 100% of our support to underwrite our mission. Nearly 50% of that support has come from five churches, including Eastminster. While I'm eternally grateful for these churches, I point this out to say we have to change this going forward. These churches provide us with important, anchor gifts so that we can keep moving forward. But to grow and be sustainable, we need to see 70-80% of our budget come from individuals.   

Recently, seven incredible people stepped forward to not only support The Journey's budget, but to express their commitment to our mission by serving as officers on our new Board of Directors. They are, Leslie Michael (Chair), Bob and Emily Gilbert, Marty Williams, Rev. Pem Cooley, Jean Early, and Michelle Quay.   


I hope you will prayerfully consider matching their amazing grace as mission investors, and their commitment as harvest laborers. Your investment helps underwrite our success as we lead young adults from where they are to where God wants them to be. 

This ministry is growing and lives are being changed, but the harvest is still plenty. And as Paul reminds us in Acts 20, it is more blessed to give, than it is to receive. 

You can give right now, online, at 

On behalf of our students and our Board of Directors, I thank you for your prayers and support of this vital, disciple-making ministry.

In Christ alone,

Dan W. Boles 

PS: As you consider how much you will invest in our mission this year, please think of 3-5 other individuals that might want to partner with our organization. I would be honored if you introduced me to them, and together we could share the vision of this ministry with them, and how your involvement has impacted your life.        


Session Meeting Highlights

August 2014 


Session received David & Lisa Preikszas into covenant partnership.


Session approved the baptisms of Natalia Edwards, daughter of members Hunter & Danielle Edwards, on August 31, 2014, at the 9am service, and Sean Webb, son of non-members Andrew and Mary Catherine Webb, on August 31, 2014. Grandparents are members Dick & Cathy DuBose. Session also approved the baptism of New Member Liza Clifton along with her son, Henry, on August 10, 2014 at the 11:15am service.


Session approved the Youth calendar of events for the Fall.


Session approved a motion to allow the church's Cub Scout Pack to fundraise by taking popcorn orders in the Great Hall during Wednesday Night Dinners and in the Fellowship Hall between Sunday worship services between August 24 and September 28.


Session received the report of the Organ Search Team which included the recommended purchase of the Allen Custom Digital Organ (Q350). Session will consider the financial options available and commit the decision to prayer.


Session approved a Barnabas Fund distribution of $410 to Case #14-5 to repair a broken down truck.


The next Stated Session Meeting will be Thursday, September 25, 2014, at 7:30pm in Room 204.


The next Presbytery Meeting will be November 21-22, 2014, at Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church in Lexington, SC.


Respectfully submitted,


Diane L. Brock

Clerk of Session


Preschool News


Preschool is back in full-swing and we are enjoying a great beginning to the 2014-15 school year.  We currently have 78 students enrolled.  Most of our classes are full, and we even increased the class size by one student each in our MWF 2's class, MTWF 3's class, and M-F 3's class in order to accommodate families who were on our wait list.  We still have a few openings available in our M/W and T/TH Toddler classes.


Our teachers have done a wonderful job welcoming their students and creating warm, inviting classroom environments.  If you have not yet had a chance to look around the preschool area this school year, you really should!  Please note; however, that during the school day, we ask that you please sign in at my office and wear a visitor name tag if you are entering the preschool area.  This policy is for the safety of our staff and students to ensure no one is in the preschool area during the school day without a legitimate reason.  Thank you for your cooperation and for your continued support!


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