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Sympathy is expressed to . . .


Brenda Tighe on the loss of her mother-in-law, Margaret Phillips


From Pastor Aaron . . .


But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted! 8 When you produce much fruit, you are my true disciples. This brings great glory to my Father. (John 15:7-8 NLT)


Eastminster Presbyterian Church is a solid bunch of folks! I am so very blessed to be your pastor, to learn ALL your names (give me a few more weeks here), to serve you, develop relationships and have meaningful discussions with you. God is leading EPC in bold ways through mission and outreach, and growing spiritually through discipleship. What a joy to be part of a church that keeps its eye on the horizon of what God is doing in the world while asking how we can join Him!


Jesus tells us in John 15 that if we remain in Him and His words remain in us we can ask anything we want and it will be granted! That sounds appealing. Janis Joplin put this to the test when she sang, "Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz". Does God give us anything we want? I can say this, He answered my prayer and gave me a super church to serve!


But what exactly is Jesus saying here? Context is always helpful "I am the vine, you are the branches... when you produce much fruit, you are truly my disciples." The first goal is produce. How does the branch of a vine produce fruit? It must soak up the nourishing sap of the vine. It needs the nutrients that the vine offers not only to bear fruit, but for sustainability of its existence. The branch has no access to the roots by itself, but is completely reliant on the vine. What the branch requests then, will only be what will fulfill its purpose in life (bearing fruit) and growth (bearing more fruit).


A certain way to examine our own hearts is in our answer to Jesus' question, "what do you want?" The one who is after God's own heart, the one who is in Christ and has Christ in him/her, will only ask for that which sustains life and bears fruit for the Kingdom. What is it that you want in order to be a conduit of God's grace and peace? Do you want patience? Do you want more love? Do you desire a more intimate prayer or devotional life? Do you want to help others who are hurting or in need? All these things Jesus wants to give to us because we are in Him and He is in us. We ask of Him because ultimately, we want the vine to have all the glory. When we ask with this motive, what we ask will always be given.


In what ways will Eastminster be producing fruit for the Kingdom in the rest of 2017? What does EPC need/want? Answer: compassionate hearts, servant leadership, grounded and wise vision, and hands and feet willing to put gifts into action. This is my prayer for EPC. I'm excited to see how God will work His answer!


Grace and Peace,


Pastor Aaron


Youth Ministry News


Youth Ministry - SAVE THE DATES

August 6:  Sunday School Starts

August 6:  Pool Parties @ The Fowlers

                 Middle School: 2:00-3:30 PM

                 High School: 4:00-6:00 PM

August 13: Parent Meeting and Youth Group

August 16: First Wednesday Night Dinner and Youth


August 18-20: Sharptop Retreat




Kick Off Fall Retreat at SharptopCove

Dates:      August 18-20, 2017 (Friday afternoon through

                Sunday afternoon)

Ages:       If you're in Middle or High School This Fall


Spots:      Spots are essentially unlimited, but please

                 sign up earlier rather than later!

* This is our annual youth ministry kick-off at Sharptop Cove in Jasper, GA with other churches from our region! This is a weekend full of passionate worship, crowded cabins and bunk beds, and an entire afternoon playing on the amazing things Sharptop Cove can offer (they have zip lines, slides, giant swing, climbing wall, and tons of open space). Please visit our new website to register!


Promotion Sunday!



August 6th is Promotion Sunday! While our students move into their new Sunday School classes, our ministry teams will be available to share information and make connections in the Fellowship Hall!


Children's Ministry . . .



August 6th is Promotion Sunday! While our students move into their new Sunday School classes, our ministry teams will be available to share information and make connections in the Fellowship Hall!



Summer Sunday School

During the summer months, children's Sunday School will downsize slightly. 1st & 2nd grade classes and 3rd & 4th grade classes will be combined through July. The classroom assignments are:

PreK/K: Room 6 in the Main Building

1st & 2nd Grade: Room 205 in the CLC

3rd & 4th Grade: Room 206 in the CLC

5th Grade: Room 202 in the CLC


All classes are cancelled for July 2nd and July 30th.


Annual EPC Craftsmen Retreat August 5 in the CLC


Building a Christ-Centered Home


Being a man committed to maintaining Christian values can be extremely difficult in this time when the world encourages selfishness and a me-centered attitude. Men today face numerous challenges that threaten our efforts to create a Christ-centered home for our families. But there has never been a more critical time to step-up and be the spiritual leaders of our homes. 


The EPC Craftsmen Ministry is offering a one-day retreat design to equip men with the tools and skills they need to cultivate and maintain a Christ-like environment in their homes. This highly-interact program will consist of speakers who will outline why we must be diligent in living the Fruit of the Spirit in our homes. They also will provide instruction on how to introduce prayer, Bible study, and devotions into your family activities.


The retreat will be Saturday, August 5 from 8 am to 2 pm in the Christian Life Center at EPC. Breakfast and lunch will be served and there will be no charge for admission. However, registration is required. Please sign up online by visiting  You also can obtain more information by contact Steve Hartt at


"But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15


Music Ministry


Guest Pianist Mac Frampton

We're excited to welcome pianist Mac Frampton back to Eastminster at the 11:15 am service on July 2. He'll accompany the choir along with our organist, Tony Rimore. The two of them have prepared a meaningful and reverent patriotic prelude. And Mr. Frampton will play his arrangement of 'God Bless America' for the postlude.


John-Thomas Burson Trumpet Recital

Join us for a fantastic afternoon of trumpet and piano music on Sunday, July 30, at 3:00 pm. Trumpet performer and educator John-Thomas Burson has pursued his passion for music across a diversity of arenas. With a special fascination for new music, he performs with Anima Brass, a Long Island chamber ensemble which actively commissions and presents modern works for the brass quintet. Burson devotes equal attention to solo performance, appearing recently as featured soloist with the Georgia Symphony Orchestra and Kennesaw State University Symphony Orchestra. In solo recitals, John-Thomas often programs rarely performed or new works for trumpet, including a premiere in April by Stony Brook University's Nathan Hudson. 


KidChoir and ReSound Beginning in August

Save the date! KidChoir and ReSound, Eastminster's children's chorus and youth chorus/praise team opportunities, will resume on August 13. More information (rehearsal times, etc.) coming soon!


"A Day of Service", Saturday, July 15th, 10:00 - 3:00, CLC


Women, men and youth (old enough to participate), plan to join the Craft Circle for a fun day of fellowship and ministry work...."TOGETHER IN SERVICE".   

Bring your lunch.  Drinks and desserts will be provided!  Bring a friend!

We will have work centers set up for varied projects; including making quilts and hats for Hands of Hope/W.VA. 

Bring your knitting needles or plan to use the Knifty Knitters (no knitting experience required). 

Bring your favorite pair of scissors.  We'll have plenty of yarn and material.  SEWING MACHINES NEEDED.

There will be work for everyone!  No special skills required!

REMINDER TO CRAFT CIRCLE - NO meeting on Monday, July 10th.

 Any questions, please contact Lynn Hall (770-552-0949) or Lynne Buchanan (404-234-5063).


Mission News


Costa Rica Mission Trip 2017

Once again Eastminster is sending missionaries to Costa Rica with "In the Carpenter's Footsteps" organization out of Tallahassee, Florida. The dates of the trip are July 13 - July 24. This year, EPC will be represented by Linda Zollweg and Cathy DuBose We will continue working on the church in the community of Esparza that we began last year. Projects consist of construction, sewing, VBS, sports activities with the children, gardening, a Bible study for the adults, delivering food to the neediest families, as well as purchasing food to cook and feed to members of the community. Last year we fed about 200 people! Please pray for us as we follow God's command to love and serve one another. Please contact Dick and Cathy for additional information at or you can call Cathy at 678-665-9607.


Suppers of Eight


The third Saturday is suggested to be set aside by the participants of Suppers of Eight. For those who are not acquainted with this program, it is a wonderful way to meet and get to know other members or visitors. Participants spend one evening in September, October and November with three other couples. Each couple brings one food course to help the host family with the meal! Singles are welcome to sign-up also. Please complete the form below, place in the offering plate or call Reta Frew at 404-456-3762. The deadline to sign up is August 20.




Phone: _____________________________________


Address: ___________________________________


Email: ______________________________________


Please indicate here if you wish to participate only as an

alternate (on a periodic basis if a primary participant is not available). ______


Seeking Forgiveness 


To assist us when we are filled with guilt due to our sinful nature, we offer Joel 2:13 as our Scripture memorization verse for this month. We turn back toward God seeking His forgiveness, while understanding He is filled with mercy and will not condemn us.


"Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity." Joel 2:13


Next Closet Cleanout

July 22, 9 AM


First, the Facilities team would like to thank all who came out to help for the CLC 1st floor closet cleanout.  It was a HUGE Success!!  Now, on to the next one!  We will be cleaning out the 2nd floor CLC closet just past the Christian Education rooms.  From our initial investigation, it appears this closet is used by the Discipleship and Preschool teams and the Boy Scouts. We would ask for assistance from someone on those teams to understand what is still being used and what is not.  Also, if there are any other teams or persons that have knowledge about things stored there, please contact  Alana Nigro (404-580-0389)  by July 21.     Thank you.


Session Meeting Highlights  June 2017


Session acknowledged with sadness the passing of Margaret Gibbs on May 26, 2017.


Session approved the baptism of Evelyn McCabe, daughter of Sean and Pam McCabe, on July 16, 2017, at the 11:15am service. Rev. Moore will officiate.   Members Brad & Susan West are the grandparents.


Session approved a letter of transfer for Marshall Moore to Roswell Presbyterian Church.


Session approvedmoving the date of the Fall Festival from October 6-7 to October 13-14, 2017 to avoid a conflict with the Fall Presbytery meeting


Session approved a motion to have Eastminster's directory maintained online using the existing functionality of our current ACS system (or possibly a new digital platform).  There is no additional cost.  The directory will be accessible from the church website, password protected, and each family can update their personal information and upload a family photo.  Only members will have access.


With deep gratitude and love, the Session presented the Revs. Blake and Katie Hudson with a token of appreciation for all their tireless and dedicated hard work on behalf of Eastminster these past few months.


The next Stated Session meeting will be held on Thursday, July 20, 2017, at 7:30pm in Room 204.


Respectfully submitted,


Diane L. Brock

Clerk of Session


Eastminster Presbyterian Church |
3125 Sewell Mill Rd, Marietta, GA 30062
Rev. Aaron Moore, Senior Pastor






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