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July 6

"Pray and Be Bold"

Rev. Hudson



July 13

"Giving All"

Matthew Gramling


July 20

"The Words of Life"

Dr. McConnell


July 27

"God is First"

Dr. McConnell









1   Chris DenHaese

1   Ashley Mordecai

1   Lucas John

1   David Pirlot

2   Lisa Tabor

2   Annette Harlow

2   Jay Oliver

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Happy Anniversary


4   Eddie & Teri


5   Bob & Emily Gilbert

6   Stan & Ellen Beard

6   Tom & Brenda Hewett

6   Mark & Robin Watson

7   Robert & Peggy


8   Paul & Snookie


10  Jay & Megan


11  Michael & Teresa


11   Andrew & Leigh


12   Yubo Qiu & Qian


14  Richard Alder &

         Patti Cosson

14  Steve & Anne Schatz

16  Sean & Sarah Tate

17  Peter & Glenna

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21  Piet & Ester Strydom

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23  Tom & Beth Nickles

26  Frank & Jo Byrd

26  Allen & Janet Warren

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July 6


Rosie Jeffries

Emily Gilbert



Valerie Mote

Alaine Bayless


July 13


Leigh Sain

Teresa Roberts



Jeff & Karen Jones

Lucian & Gina



July 20


Tom & Kathy Schuette

Irene Misencik



Jack & Diane Keegan

Ken Jacquot

Brad West


July 27


Ellie McConnell

Lauren Brock



Dan & Jo Ann Kiser

Steve & Debbie Moore



Christian Sympathy

is expressed to . . .


Suzanne Edmond and family in the loss of her father, Bill Crowley.


Robert Caput and family in the loss of his mother.


Tom Thomson and family in the loss of his wife, Marge.


Don Fifield and family in the loss of his brother, Captain John Fifield. 


Cathy DuBose and family in the loss of her mother, Camille Clements.





LOST. . .


Please help me find my silver cake server. Lost at East Cobb Park after the fun filled day of Church in the Park. If you find it, please call 404-502-5657 or leave it at the church office.


Thank you,

Kathy Keeler






A Message from Dana Allin


July 15th marks our one-year anniversary of joining ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. From inception in January of 2012, ECO has grown to 135 congregations and 54,000 members.  I am so grateful that the Lord has led our church in such a healthy direction!


In honor of our anniversary, I thought I'd share this article with from our Synod Executive, Dana Allin, "Five Shifts for our Future Development":


In the middle of May, the ECO Synod Executive Council met for a day. We spent some time thinking about the future and looking at where we need to spend our time and energy for future development. We took a look at our mission statement, to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ. We began to ask, "What are the road blocks keeping our churches and leaders from flourishing?"


We brainstormed lot of different items and then tried to categorize all the information into a few themes. What we came up with are five shifts we feel are important in the lives of our churches. Some shifts will be more relevant to some congregations than others but, as a whole, these are important shifts for us all to make as we move forward as an ECO community and fulfill our mission.


Shift #1 - From "Clergy-Centered" to an "Unleashed Laity"


One of the things I loved about being part of the team that created the ECO polity is I know how many ways we sought to create an environment that hands more ministry over to the congregation. This includes simple nomenclature changes, like moving from 'member' to 'covenant partner.' It also includes a radical shift in the Presbyterian world of authorizing officers to more easily celebrate the sacraments. But even though the ECO polity helps set an expectation for unleashing the laity to do ministry, it's vital each congregation ensure their internal culture doesn't rebel against it.


Shift #2 - From "Safety and Preservation" to "Risk-taking and Expansion"


At our last National Gathering, Gary Haugen (IJM) talked about how churches are addicted to safety. We all can resonate with that statement; often decisions are made in order to cater to those on the inside rather than trying to reach those who not yet part of the congregation. When a church seeks to make a necessary change, it can be met with resistance. How can we, through a variety of avenues, help leaders feel the need to make church less like an aquarium where everything is kept nice and comfortable, and instead prepare people for the ocean of life?


Shift #3 - From "Homogeneous Leadership Prepared for Christendom" to "Preparing all of God's people for a post-Christian Culture"


There are two challenges encompassed in this shift that need to be considered. First, we need to live into our value of "Egalitarian Ministry." As stated in our values, this includes focusing on nurturing women for ministry as well as younger leaders, and raising up a diversity of leaders from a variety of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Secondly, we need to shift the types of ministry we are preparing leaders to be a part of. Most people realize the Christendom model of ministry is rapidly fading away, if not gone entirely. Yet, we do not fully embrace the type of preparation necessary for leaders to serve in new contexts.


Shift #4 - From "Purely Attractional Model of Ministry" to "Missional AND Attractional"


In recent years, the debate between "missional" and "attractional" models of ministry has shifted so the two are not seen as mutually exclusive and competing, but as complementary to one another. The attractional model of ministry seeks to bring people into worship and then assimilate them into an educational opportunity in community as well as into some form of service. The missional model of ministry seeks to get smaller communities out into the world, consistently engaging with those in their culture who do not know Jesus. Sociologists who focus on the ministry of the church estimate that, nationwide, 50% of the unbelieving population can be reached through the attractional model and 50% will need to be reached through the missional model. Our churches must be able to shift to being both attractional and missional.


Shift #5 - From "An Addition/Subtraction Mentality" to "Multiplication Mindset"


The focus for churches for a long time has been on adding numbers to our congregations, which is a focus on addition. In other cases, the focus has been on slowing down the decline, a focus on subtraction. However, the church, as the Body of Christ, is an organism-and all healthy organisms multiply. While we still need to ask questions regarding addition and subtraction, the better focus is on questions of multiplication. We need to help churches of all sizes and situations see the role they can play in the multiplication of disciples, leaders, communities, and churches.


As we articulate these shifts, our goal is to help congregations and leaders be linked to a variety of resources ECO offers, but also resources outside of our tribe. We want resources where leaders and congregations can take the next step in making these shifts, regardless of where they are starting from. Also, we all can help set the environment in our Mission Affinity Groups, Pastor Covenant Groups, and Presbyteries to spur each other on in continuing this transformative work.


Youth Summer Calendar   


Summer Bible Studies

led by Rev. Hudson and J. C. Russell

11:00 am - Middle School

Noon - Lunch - Bring your Own

1:00 pm - High School




Tuesday 1: Summer Bible Studies  

            Middle School - 11:00 am

            Combined Lunch and Fellowship - 12 noon

             High School - 1:00 pm 

Wednesday 2, 12:30 PM: Lunch Out Together (TBD)

Tuesday 8: Summer Bible Studies (see schedule above)

Thursday 10: at 12:00-4:00 PM: Pool Parties

       Middle School at 12 - 2 PM at(TBD)   

       High School at 2 - 4 PM at (TBD)

Sunday 13 - Friday 18: Fun In The Son

Tuesday 22: Summer Bible Studies (see schedule above)

Thursday 24 at 1 - 4 PM: Putt-putt at Area 51, Roswell

Tuesday 29: Summer Bible Studies (see schedule above)

Wednesday 30 at 5 - 8 PM: Movie Night at EPC




SAVE THE DATE: Kick Off Fall Retreat at Sharptop Cove 


Dates: August 22-24, 2014

(Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon)

Ages: Current 5th-11th graders


Cost: $165;  $180 week of

Spots are essentially unlimited,

but note the price differences!


This is our annual youth ministry kick-off at Sharptop Cove in Jasper, GA with other churches from the Cobb County/West Georgia area. This is a weekend full of extremely loud and passionate worship, Bible studies, crowded cabins and bunk beds, and an entire afternoon playing on the amazing things Sharptop Cove can offer. (They have a "blob", zip lines, slides, giant swing, climbing wall, and tons of open space - and only if weather permits.) While we are only in the planning stages, please note the dates and cost of this Fall Kick-off Retreat. I know this seems far away, but it's right around the corner so please mark it in your calendars now! Costs are dependent on when you sign up.


A Day of Service


Join the Craft Circle for "A Day of Service", Saturday, July 12th, 10:00-3:00, Fellowship Hall (main bldg.), and bring a friend. We plan to have work centers set up for many projects we complete throughout the year; pillow cases for ConKerr Cancer, fleece cut for blankets for Hands of Hope mission project in West Virginia, hospital gowns for hospitals in Kenya, knitted hats for our Christmas Hat/Scarf/Mitten mission for MUST Ministries, pet beds for animal shelters.  Bring your favorite knitting needles or plan to use the Knifty Knitters (no knitting experience required).  We'll have plenty of yarn and material.  Sewing machines needed.  There'll be a job for everyone!  Bring your lunch.  Drinks and desserts will be provided.  Join us for a fun day of fellowship and ministry work...."together in service".  Any questions, please contact Lynn Hall (770-552-0949) or Lynne Buchanan (404-234-5063).    





Christian Education


Children's Ministry Teachers Needed:

We're looking for volunteers to teach children's Sunday school during the summer so that our regular teachers can have some time "off". We provide the curriculum and training; you provide the love and encouragement for our children for several weeks. What a blessing! Contact Hubie Mann to sign-up.


Summer Adult Christian Life Training

During the Summer, we will be offering two adult CLT classes on Sunday mornings. Carolyn Waters will be teaching "The Life and Ministry of the Messiah" using a DVD series by Ray Vander Laan while Hubie and Terri Mann will be teaching "How to REALLY Understand the Bible".


VBS Thank You's

Thank you to the 83 volunteers who staffed last month's VBS program! We had an INCREDIBLY FUN week learning about the Wilderness Escape: Where God Guides and Provides. Thank you as well to all of the people who donated gift cards and money to provide snacks for VBS and to those who donated toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, and cereal boxes for our Arts & Crafts projects. A special thanks to Tim Brammer, Kelly French, and Richelle Sanders who constructed and painted our set and to Brad West (and Stevi B's Pizza) who provided lunch for all of our volunteers one day.   Your generosity helped us to share God's love and minister to 144 children from EPC and the community.   We couldn't have a VBS program without you!!


Children's Ministry Summer Activities

Time for summer fun again! Join us for an EPC kids outing each Wednesday, plus a special Saturday event. All ages welcome!


July 2nd - Lunch at Woodlawn Chick-Fil-A at 11:30 a.m. (1201 Johnson Ferry Road, 30068)


July 9th - Bowling at Brunswick's Marietta at 10:30 a.m. (2749 Delk Road, Marietta 30067) Let's spend the morning at the lanes. Cost is $4 per person/per game, $4 shoe rental. 


July 16th - BounceU at   10:30 (1634 Cobb International Blvd., Kennesaw 30152) Jump, jump, jump the morning away! Admission is $7.99 ($5 for walkers under 3). Don't forget your socks (they are required). 


*Saturday, July 26th - Water Olympics from 11 - 1 at Frank and Jo Byrd's house in West Cobb (605 Burke Lake Dr. off of Kennesaw Due West).  Register by phone or email with Hubie Mann. We'll spend the morning playing various games for the Water Olympics, followed by hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, drinks and dessert. Dress to get wet and bring a towel!


*Please RSVP with Hubie Mann for this event; or 404-775-3439.




Deacon's Corner


Widow to Widow

Our 1st Widow to Widow meeting was a great success! We have a great group of women who are excited to begin a social avenue with other women who are experiencing a similar journey. Please join us on a great new adventure!  Contact Jeanne Chesser for more information - or 404-374-2381.


Preschool News


Thanks be to God that we are starting the 2014-15 school year with over 70 students enrolled!  Thank you all for your support and for spreading the news about our wonderful preschool.  We still have openings in our M/W and T/TH Toddler classes, accepting students 16 months and older.  Brochures are available to pass out to  your friends and neighbors, or post at your neighborhood swimming pools.  All church members receive $10 off their monthly tuition AND if you enroll a friend along with your child, you get $100 off your next month's tuition. 




Mission News


Costa Rica Mission Trip 2014 


Eastminster is sending two missionaries to Costa Rica with In The Carpenter's Footsteps organization out of Tallahassee, Florida. A number of Presbyterian churches will be represented, and Cathy and Laura DuBose will be representing Eastminster. In The Carpenter's Footsteps has been engaged in a number of activities in severely impoverished areas of Costa Rica for many years, and Eastminster has supported this effort by sending missionaries on repeated occasions.  In The Carpenter's Footsteps serves the local people through (1) building churches in areas where Christians are meeting in tents or other temporarily fabricated facilities due to a lack of established facilities, (2) conducting Bible School for up to as many as 100 children, (3) carrying sewing machines and supplies and teaching sewing lessons so that the people in these poverty stricken areas can make clothes for their children and family members since they do not have adequate financial resources to purchase clothes, (4) distributing food to hungry families who live under very dire circumstances, (5) attending to the medical needs of the community by means of a physician who travels with us on these trips, (6) carrying out plumbing and septic tank construction activities in order to improve the sanitary conditions, and (7) focusing on building relationships and building foundations of hope in these areas in the name of Jesus Christ. Please remember the missionary team in your prayers.


Thank You Eastminster Congregation


The Mission Team wants to thank the Eastminster congregation for its generous contributions to the Annual Mission Offering and helping to work towards our annual giving goal of $30,000. We have succeeded in achieving 95% of that goal. Also, thank you for all of the material goods that you have provided during the different collection activities. All of your contributions go to support our local, national, and international mission efforts. Your continued support is very much appreciated.


Women's Ministry  


Craft Circle

Craft Circle will NOT meet for July and August on our normal 2nd Monday.  Please join us instead on Saturday, July 12th, 10:00-3:00, Fellowship Hall (main bldg.) for "A Day of Service", and bring a friend.     






Learn to Ring Handbells


LOOK for an opportunity to learn to ring handbells this summer at EPC! We will be holding open bell ringing events for those of you that can read music but think that bells would be too challenging. Come try it out! The bell choir is on hand to be mentoring teens and adults to give you a taste of what it is like to ring handbells. Look to these dates as time to play - July 23 and August 6 from 6:00 until 7:00 PM in the sanctuary. Mark your calendars and come have some fun!.


Suppers of Eight 


The third Saturday is suggested to be set aside by the

participants of Suppers of Eight. For those who are not

acquainted with this program, it is a wonderful way to meet and get to know other members or visitors. Participants spend one evening in September, October and November with three other couples. Each couple brings one food course to help the host family with the meal! Singles are welcome to sign-up also. Please complete the form below and mail to the church, place in the offering plate, or call Reta Frew at 770-955-0588. The deadline to sign up is August 16.




Phone: ______________________________________




Please indicate here if you wish to participate only as an alternate (on a periodic basis if a primary participant is not available). ___


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