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January 3

All I Want: Is A Savior

Dr. McConnell


Kick It Into Gear


January 10

What to Expect: Expect to Worship

Dr. McConnell

Ordination and Installation of Officers


January 17

What to Expect: Expect to Serve

Dr. McConnell


January 24

What to Expect: Expect to Follow

Rev. Hudson


January 31

What to Expect: Expect to Love

Dr. McConnell

Annual Congregational Meeting







1   Shawn Hanson

1   Kevin Laverty

1   Erin Yates

2   Tom Baskin

2   Don Preus

2   Jonathan Taylor

3   Chad Bozza

3   Pam McCabe

4   Bailey Madson

5   Greg Gibbs

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8   Megan Bunch

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9   Emily McDaniel

10  Maynard Gardner

10  Nathan Irvine

11  Madeline Daw

12  Dick DuBose

12  Suzie Baur

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13  Cary Erickson

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14  Whit Thompson

16  Bill Freeman

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17  Mason Brammer

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22  Mary Elizabeth


22  Paisley Scholtens

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26  Arline Fifield

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28  Jackson Morris

29  Jack Michelitch

30  Elaine Denny

30  Kristin Hanson

30  Jordan Gettys

31  Matthew Houser

31  Madison Stacy

31  Richard Childs 



Happy Anniversary


2    Jeff & Kim Madson

12  Jeff & Karen Jones

13  Jeff & Courtney


15  Matt & Lauren           


15  Rick & Doreen


19  Kevin & Kelly French

20  Bradley & Leigh Ann


 24  Jerry & Jo Ann






January 3


Leigh Sain
Teresa Roberts



Jim & Debbie Bussart

Lorelei Rack


January 10


Emily Gilbert

Rosie Jeffries



Jeff & Karen Jones

Lucian & Gina



January 17


Tom & Kathy Schuette

Irene Misencik



Bob & Jane Douglas

Dave & Chris Wallace


January 24


Kim Brammer

Lauren Brock



Dan & Jo Ann Kiser

Steve & Debbie Moore


January 31


Helen Hvizdak

Sharon Melcher



Don & Joan Malcolm

Gail Sorrells




January 3

Jay Michael

Scott Briggs

Doug Nielson
Stan Beard


January 10

Steve Moore

John Bunch

Chad Ervin

Jim Marsh


January 17

Randy Sherman

Todd Mordecai

Tom Nickles

Jim Swann


January 24

Paul Goldberg

Snookie Goldberg

Karen Jones

Jeff Jones


January 31

Jim Bussart

Phillip Morrissey

Debbie Bussart

Alana Nigro 





Is expressed to Arline Fifield and Glenn in the loss of Don Fifield. 










With Resolve


 Moving into the New Year with Purpose


Here we go. One more time around the sun! The 2017th year since Jesus' birth (or thereabouts) starts today. How will 2016 be different from 2015 for you?


Here at Eastminster we talk about three necessary activities for growth in Christian discipleship. Want to follow Christ a little more closely this year? Here's how.


(1) Worship Weekly. We get 52 Sundays again this year! What will you do with yours? Our hearts need the adoration of the Lord. Our souls need to be fed by His Word. Set a pattern this year. "On Sundays, we go to church."


(2) Breathe In. Find a place to be filled with knowledge and insight this year. Join a small group. Start attending a class. Jump into your neighborhood Bible Study. Give yourself one more hour this year each week to get fed and inspired and nourished.


(3) Breathe Out. It's not healthy to take in more calories than you expend. I think I just heard a resounding "Amen." Find a place to serve. If not every week, then every month. Where are you giving yourself away to love your neighbor?


It is a new year, a fresh calendar, and God lets you choose where to spend your time. At the first of the year, put Christ first in your life. See if that doesn't make all the difference in the world. No question, these three commitments will serve your soul and help you become a better man, a happier woman, a fuller and stronger Christian.


Yours in Christ,



"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." --Matthew 6:33


Christian Education


Kick It Into Gear

"Kick It Into Gear" is our winter version of "Rev Up For Fall" and will take place in the Fellowship Hall from 10:15-11am (between the worship services) on Sunday, January 3. Come join us for food, fellowship, and the latest information about all of the various ministries at Eastminster.



Wednesday Night Dinner Program

The second semester of Wednesday Night Dinners, Adult classes, and Youth Bible Studies will resume for the second semester on Wednesday, January 6. Dinner is served from 6-7pm and classes/Bible studies follow from 7-8pm. Childcare is provided in Room 3 in the Main Building.



Small Groups

We believe that meeting regularly with a small group of Christ followers is vital to growing in your faith.  That's why we offer many opportunities throughout the week for members of EPC to meet together in small groups for fellowship, caring, and Bible study.  Contact Hubie Mann ( if you have questions or need additional information.



VBS 2016 - Save the Dates!

Next summer's VBS is scheduled for June 20-24.  Mark your calendars now and plan to join us for "Egypt: Joseph's Journey From Prison to Palace" for another awesome week of VBS! Online registration will begin in March.  Last year, it took 88 volunteers to staff our VBS program and we'll need just as many this summer!  If you'd like to be a part of this incredibly fun outreach to the children of our community, please contact Hubie Mann at



Winter/Spring 2016 Adult Christian Life Training Offerings


Sunday Morning Courses - 10:15-11am

Bible Stories For Grown-Ups (New Testament)

Do you feel like you are a little rusty (or even completely clueless) when it comes to those "classic" Bible stories that everybody else at church seems to be familiar with? Maybe you didn't grow-up going to Sunday school or you came to faith as an adult, so much of the Bible is still pretty new to you? You're not alone! Last year we offered the Old Testament version of this class and it was such a big hit, that we decided to cover the New Testament this year! This discussion-based, no-homework class will meet from January 10 through May 29 in CLC Room 204 and will be led by Mary-Evelyn Starnes.


The Letter to the Hebrews

Written at a time of great political instability, the Letter to the Hebrews was addressed to Christians who were struggling to understand what was going on in their world and what they could do about it. In the face of great turmoil and uncertainty, the author of Hebrews exhorts his readers to "press on to maturity" by learning to "walk by faith, not by sight". Today, we too, live in an age of uncertainty and great turmoil around the world and the message of Hebrews is just as relevant today to any follower of Christ who wants to learn to put their faith in the rock solid permanence of the eternal God, rather than in the instability of the temporal world. This class runs from January 10 through May 29 in CLC Room 209 and will be led by Carolyn Waters.


Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

What was clear to the people who originally heard Jesus teach (or to the original readers of Scripture) is not always as clear to us. Because of the cultural distance between the biblical world and our contemporary setting, we often bring modern Western biases to the text which can limit or even inhibit our understanding of the scriptures. Using insights from Ken Bailey's groundbreaking work, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, this class will attempt to look at the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus from the perspective of a first century Palestinian listener (or reader) rather than a twenty-first century "westerner". Topics to be covered include the Birth of Jesus, the Lord's Prayer, the Beatitudes, and many of the Parables. This class will meet from January 10 through May 29 in CLC Room 208 and will be led by Hubie and Terri Mann.


Wednesday Night Courses (7-8pm)

Classes meet following the Fellowship Dinner from 6-7pm. Childcare is provided in Room 3.


The Pastor's Study: 1 Corinthians

Paul's letters to the Corinthians reveal the struggles and challenges of the first-century church as Christians began to come to terms with just what it meant to follow a sovereign Savior and Lord in a world that rejected Him. The teaching for the church in Corinth applies directly to us today in contemporary American life. (Recommended supplements: N. T. Wright, 1 Corinthians for Everyone; Warren Wiersbe, Be Wise -1 Corinthians). This class runs from January 6 through May 11 in CLC Room 209 and will be led by Dr. Tim McConnell.


Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

What was clear to the people who originally heard Jesus teach (or to the original readers of Scripture) is not always as clear to us. Because of the cultural distance between the biblical world and our contemporary setting, we often bring modern Western biases to the text which can limit or even inhibit our understanding of the scriptures. Using insights from Ken Bailey's groundbreaking work, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, this class will attempt to look at the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus from the perspective of a first century Palestinian listener (or reader) rather than a twenty-first century "westerner". Topics to be covered include the Birth of Jesus, the Lord's Prayer, the Beatitudes, and many of the Parables. This class will meet from January 3 through May 11 in CLC Room 208 and will be led by Hubie and Terri Mann.




January Calendar

Sunday 3:  Youth Group

    4:00 pm:  Middle School

    5:15 pm:  Dinner

    5:45 - 7:00 pm:  High School


Wednesday 6: Wednesday Night Dinners Start

    4:00 pm:  High School Devotion at Starbucks on

                    Roswell Road (intersection of Piedmont/


    5:00 - 7:00 pm   Open Fellowship Time

    6:00 pm  -  Dinner

    7:00 pm  -  Wednesday Night Fellowship


Sunday 10: Youth Group

     2:30 pm  -  Parents Meeting


Sunday 17:  Youth Group - Real Life Series #4


Sunday 24:  Sky Zone


Sunday 31:  No Youth Group


Music Ministry


The new year is here, and what a new year it is going to be!  There are so many ways for you to serve in the worship and music ministry.  Have you ever thought about ushering, or do you have a child or grandchild interested in becoming an acolyte?  Did you know that we need people to serve on the audio visual team?  We're always looking for more vocalists and instrumentalists to serve in both the contemporary and traditional worship services.  Now is the time to take advantage of all Eastminster has to offer.  KidChoir, our four-year-old - 5th grade children's choir, and ReSound, our 6th-12th youth chorus will kick-it-into-gear this Sunday, January 3.  Our handbell ensemble, the Eastminster Ringers, and our adult Chancel Choir will resume with rehearsals on Wednesday, January 6. Come be a part of all of the wonderful things God is doing in and through our worship and music ministry.





4yr - Kindergarten, 3:30-4:15pm, room 2

1st-5th grade, 3:30 - 4:15pm, choir room



High School, 4:30-5:15pm, choir room

Middle School, 5:45-6:30pm, choir room



Eastminster Ringers

6:30-7:30pm, sanctuary


Chancel Choir

7:30-9:00pm, sanctuary





7. They never pass the offering plate in the choir loft.

6. Choir members share fifty percent of the tip money earned by Tony Rimore at his other more lucrative job as substitute organist at the St. Anne's.

5. Rehearsals provide a relaxing couple of hours away from the grumpy spouse and wild kids.

4. You say you can sing the melody loudly but can't read music? Two words--soprano section!

3. Let's face it--you might as well volunteer to sing since nobody's ever going to pay you to do so.

2. You'll be among the first to see who Owenby ticks off this week.

1. Since you never became a pharmacist, you'll finally get to put to good use all those years of studying Latin in high school.


In all seriousness - It's a great way to get to serve the Lord and get to know others in the church!


Men's Ministry


Craftsmen's Annual Men's Retreat 


Save the Date: February 26-28


The tenth annual EPC Craftsmen's Retreat will be held February 26-28, at Cohutta Springs Conference Center located in Crandall, GA. Jay Watts will be the guest speaker again this year.  There are one and two-night packages available. Look for the sign-up tables after Sunday services.


Women's Ministry 


LOVING WELL: Women's Retreat 2016      

It's time to register for the 2016 Women's Retreat! Join us for a weekend of reflection and connection as we examine together how God equips us to answer the call of loving well.  We will learn and laugh, worship and pray, relax and spend time together.  Whether you are a homemaker, career woman, retiree, Biblical scholar or new believer, as a woman of Eastminster there is a place for you at this retreat. Find more info and register online at   

When:  Friday, February 5 - Sunday, February 7

Where: Unicoi Lodge, Helen, GA.

Cost: $250

Sonflower Sisters

Attention moms with daughters in grades K-5. Join us for our Sonflower Sisters meeting on Friday, January 8th from 7 - 8:30 pm in the Youth Room (downstairs in the CLC). We can't wait to kick off the New Year with fun and fellowship, and we hope you'll join us! If you have any questions, please contact Lara Atalla ( or Beth Hartt ( 


Ladies Lunch Bunch 

The Ladies Lunch Bunch will meet January 21st at Noon at J. Christophers, 1205 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta.  Directions from church: Take Sewell Mill Road to Johnson Ferry Road, turn right on Johnson Ferry and continue until you reach J. Christophers on your right.  It will be in the same Shopping Center as Chick-Fil-A.  RSVP by January 20th to Sandra Allen at 770-977-8742 or


Spunky Spirits

Spunky Spirits would like all ladies to come and join us for a Bible study and lunch Thursday, January 14 at 11am. We will meet in the library for the Bible study. We are studying Encounters With God, in Timothy and Titus, chapter 4. After the study we will move to the Great Hall for a covered dish lunch.


The Spunky Spirits Circle, once again was able to provide Christmas for two struggling families through the organization, Families First.  Over $2,500 was raised, gifts were purchased and wrapped,  gift cards for food were purchased and all was delivered to Families First to be distributed to two families of 8 who are having trouble making ends meet, and would not otherwise have a Christmas.  Many thanks to all the generous ladies of the Spunky Spirits Circle!


Craft Circle

Craft Circle will meet Monday, January 11th, room 203/CLC from 10:00-1:00 to continue work on lap quilts for Presbyterian Village.  Those who can, please bring your sewing machines.  Others bring your favorite scissors.  There will be work for all willing hands.  Any questions, call Lynn Hall ( or 770-992-0949).


Mission News


Our year has ended for providing all new bedding for 7 Bridges occupants. We appreciate all who participated in this. Next year we will be donating cleaning supplies and paper products the first quarter. Our bins are located in the CLC and the alcove. 


Again I thank all of you for your help and wish you a Happy New Year.


Barbara and Cliff Lowery


Church Use


In order to eliminate conflicts and ensure the church facilities are clean Building Use Request forms are available in the church office.


Request from Facilities and Building and Grounds:

In order to maintain safe and clean facilities, please do

not prop exterior doors open! This has been an issue in allowing water in, as well as unwanted critters! Thanks for your cooperation.


Suppers of Eight


The third Saturday is suggested to be set aside by the participants of Suppers of Eight. For those who are not acquainted with this program, it is a wonderful way to meet and get to know other members or visitors. Participants spend one evening in February, March and April with three other couples. Each couple brings one food course to help the host family with the meal! Singles are welcome to sign-up also. Please complete the form below, and return to Eastminster or call Reta Frew at 404-456-3762. The deadline to sign up is January 17.


Name: _____________________________________


Phone: _____________________________________


Address: ____________________________________


Email Address: _______________________________


Please indicate here if you wish to participate only as an alternate (on a periodic basis if a primary participant is not available. ______


November/December Session Meeting Highlights


Session welcomed the following brothers and sisters in Christ into the covenant partnership of Eastminster: Mitchell & June Ridgeway and their son, Matthew Ridgeway.


Session acknowledge with sadness the passing of Elder Don Fifield on December 1, 2015.


Session approved the baptisms of New Member Mary-Margaret Fitzhenry Noland and Stratton Fitzhenry Noland, son of Carter and Mary-Margaret Noland, on November 15, 2015, at the 11:15am service. Dr. McConnell officiated.


Session approved the removal of Joyce O'Brien Blackstock from membership. She has moved to Canton, GA, and joined Ebeneezer Methodist Church.


Session approved the examinations of Sally Brentzel, Eddie Capparucci, Bill Freeman, Julie John, and Andy Starnes for the office of Elder. Session also approved the examination of Cindy Holland and Susan Welborn for the office of Deacon.


Session approved a motion to allow Rev. Ben Laughlin, of ECO's Fellowship Presbyterian Church in Jasper, to serve communion during the worship portion of the previously approved Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage (formerly Cursillo) Christmas party at Eastminster on December 5, 2015.


Session approved a Barnabas Fund distribution of $1,400 to Case #15-1 for a personal need.


Session re-elected Diane Brock to serve as Clerk of Session for 2016.


The next Stated Session meeting will be a joint meeting with the Board of Deacons on January 16, 2016, at 3:00 pm during the Officers' Retreat at Cohutta  Springs.


The next Synod meeting will be held January 26-28, 2016, at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, CA. Val Mote and Carolyn Waters will be serve as commissioners.


The Annual Meeting of the Congregation will be held at 10:10am in the CLC on January 31.


Respectfully submitted,


Diane L. Brock

Clerk of Session


Eastminster Presbyterian Church |
3125 Sewell Mill Rd, Marietta, GA 30062
Rev. Dr. Timothy P. McConnell, Senior Pastor






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