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Upcoming Worship


December 7

Naming Jesus: Mighty God

Dr. McConnell


Lessons and Carols

Advent Candle - Hope


December 14

Naming Jesus: Everlasting Father

Dr. McConnell

Advent Candle - Love


December 21

Naming Jesus: Prince of Peace

Dr. McConnell

Advent Candle - Joy


December 24

Christmas Eve


5:00 - Nativity Pageant


7:00 & 11:00

Naming Jesus

Dr. McConnell
Advent Candle - Christ


December 28

Naming Jesus: Renaming You

Rev. Hudson






1   Suzanne Bryan

1   Piet Strydom

1   Alison Horton

1   Meredith Hall

2   Shauna Milligan

2   Yubo Qiu

3   Courtney Driscoll

4   Wesley Bickham

4   Stella Hanson

4   Kathleen Moak

5   Pam Keller

5   Virginia Warren

6   Leigh Sain

7   Nicole Simon

7   Carter Sain

8   B. J. Baskin

8   Omega Bickham

8   Reagan Brandon

8   Matt Ryder

8   Mark Moran

8   Wesley McDaniel

9   Emily Wilcox

9   Adrienne Riga

9   Jared Riga

10  Karen Clark

10  Emma Dilworth

11  Richard Alder

11  Bailey Bickham

11  Eric Horton

11  Stan Sharp

12  Frank Byrd

12  Brian Sherlock

13  Amy Allen

14  Reta Frew

14  Holly Meigs

15  Merrilee Morris

15  Jan Conkright

15  Denny Zollweg

15  Karen Miller

15  Gordon Carswell

16  Paul Goldberg

16  Bette Van Winkle

18  Judy Struk

19  Bill Allen

19  Tonya Pirlot

19  Alex Moyer

20  Karl Melcher

21  David Elkins

21  Steve Todd

21  William Meigs

22  Carolyn Keappler

22  Carol Hays

22  Garner Page

24  Bob Douglas

24  Carolyn Waters

25  Greg Peacock

27  Tom Dilworth

27  Candice Sherlock

27  Mary Georgia


28  Ted Wood

28  Hallie Radler

28  Thomas DenHaese

28  William DenHaese

29  Amiee Jackson

29  Scott Wessner

29  Caroline Warren

30  Mary Alice Phinney

30  John Bentley

31  Frances Skeeles


Happy Anniversary


6   Chad & Sally Ervin

10  Logan & Sarah


17  Gaye & Leah


21  Dick & Eleanor


27  Norm & Suzie Baur

27  Ralph & Lucy Gordon

28  Larry & Anne


29  Bill & Amy Allen

30  Hoke & Amy Wilcox 





Wed. Night Meals


Adults and teens $8.00

Seniors $7.00

Families $22.00

Children $5 (Elementary School)

Pre-school and below are free


Dec. 3

Chicken Scaloppini

Beef Bourgeon

Buttered Noodles

Green Beans

Corn w/Red Pepper

Green Salad

Ice Cream Sundaes


Dec. 10

Beef Stew

Chicken & Dumplings

Cheesy Broccoli Soup

Tomato Soup

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Seven Layer Salad




We will have peanut butter and jelly available for those children who don't care for the selections. 





Dec. 7


Jenny Seitter

Teresa Roberts



Cindy Moran

Martie Pottinger

Karen Adair 


Dec. 14


Leigh Sain

Beth Hartt



John & Janie Bunch

Bill & Melinda Freeman


Dec. 21


Sarah Nielsen

Teri Capparucci


Mike & Jennie Adams

Randy & Edwina



Dec. 24


Joel & Jill Guske


Bob & Jane Douglas



Stan & Ellen Beard

Dec. 28


Kim Brammer

Val Mote


Chris & Ellen Foster

Paul & Snookie Goldberg




Christian Sympathy


Teri Capparucci and family in the loss of her mother, Irene Davis;


The family of Merilyn Mitchell.





Dear Friends in Christ:


I read in the recent newsletter how we had achieved a 71% commitment of pledges to our proposed budget for next year. That is really good; but 100% would be even better?


Mark 13:41-44 and Luke 21:1-4 relate the familiar story of the widow's mite. Stop a minute and consider what this gift of two small coins really meant. She gave to God everything she had! In doing this she placed total faith in God's grace to provide for her. Do we dare approach that depth of faith? Think about her courage as you consider pledging a portion of His bounty, of which we are stewards, back to Him. Become a committed giver.


A prayer: God of all Creation: As you received the tears of Mary Magdalene; the hospitality of Zacchaeus; and the small coins of the widow; accept our gifts and make them Holy. Nourish us with your love and make us worthy to be your stewards. Amen.


Please prayerfully consider pledging whatever the amount.


Blessings in His name,

Cliff Lowery



2015 Stewardship Report: So far we have received 145 pledges (40% of the households). The pledged amount is $685,385, or 71% of the 2015 projected giving budget.  We hope you will prayerfully consider pledging if you have not yet done so. Extra pledge cards are in the narthex.



Thank You


Thank you so much for all who gave for the (Thanks for Thanksgiving ) this year. What a loving and giving church. Families in our area was blessed with a great dinner because of you all. Special thank you to the Preschool for helping out this year.


Thanks again and God Bless,


Jeanette Gowen and Sylvian Williams



Naming Jesus 


Calling out to Jesus Christ 


"She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins." --Matthew 1:21


Mary and Joseph were handed a tremendous responsibility. God asked them to raise the Savior, God's Son. Their first task was to name him Jesus. Well, I suppose we should go back and recognize all the tasks of bearing a child performed by Mary! But an early task anyway was the giving of the name. "You shall call his name Jesus." "Jesus" means "God Saves." God provided the name, but He asked Mary and Joseph to give it.


If you are a parent, you had the challenge of finding the right name for your children. Today there are books and blogs and online programs to help you sort it out, but no one can take the responsibility away. This child is yours to name.   We had some friends who gave birth to their first child and simply could not agree on a name. "Well, the due date is next week," we said. "Well, she's headed in to the hospital. Time to choose." Visiting them in the hospital room, they had still not chosen. The form for the birth certificate sat on the counter unfilled. "Well, you'll have to pick one before you leave the hospital." "No," they said, "the county is giving us a few weeks to decide." They left the hospital with an unnamed child!


Mary and Joseph named the child Jesus. God provided the name, but Mary and Joseph claimed it, sealed it, pronounced it over the Holy Child.


The name of Jesus still works this way. God has provided it. It is the name of our salvation. It is the name to breach the great divide between us and our God. It is the name to heal division, encourage the faint-hearted, strengthen the weak. It is the name higher than kings and presidents. The name of the Lord, Jesus. God has provided it, but He tells us to put it on our lips. Will you name it this year? Will you name Jesus your hope and salvation? What other name? "For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." (Romans 10:13)


Merry Christmas!


In the name of Jesus,



Gifting Appreciated Stock For Tax Advantage


If you are considering an additional charitable contribution to Eastminster before calendar yearend, it may be in your best interest to consider a tax deductible donation of appreciated stock.


One of the most effective means of tax savings available, courtesy of current U.S. tax laws is the gifting of appreciated stock. This allows an individual(s) the ability to avoid capital gains taxes and receive an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stock at the time of the gift.


To qualify for these special tax advantages, the security must have been held for at least one year. Your financial advisor and/or tax consultant can further advise you and help you to arrange a year-end gift of stock, but please don't delay. Speak with Denise Anderson in the church office to coordinate the receipt of the stock gift for 2014. Your proactive gift will be most appreciated and your tax burden may be a little lighter! (Just ask Warren Buffett or Bill Gates!)

Connie Weems-Scott


Craftsmen's Annual Men's Retreat - February 27 - March 1


The ninth annual EPC Craftsmen's Retreat will be held February 27 - March 1 at Cohutta Springs Conference Center located in Crandall, GA. There are one and two-night packages available. The weekend offers motivational talks, great food, beautiful music and wonderful fellowship. Register today via the EPC website at or at sign-up tables Sunday services beginning in December.




Youth December Calendar   



Wednesday 3: Wednesday Night Fellowship (5-7pm) and Bible Study (7pm)


Sunday 7: Youth Group (Reindeer Games) 4:15pm

Wednesday 10: Wednesday Night Fellowship (5-7pm) and Bible Study (7pm)


Sunday 14: Youth Caroling, 4:30 - 7pm

Wednesday 17: Youth Christmas Movie Night! Regular fellowship at 5pm, dinner at 5:30pm, and movie begins at 6pm!


Friday 19: Youth Christmas Parties!

Middle School at Mjehovich, 4 - 6pm

High School at Seitters, 6 - 8pm


Christian Education


Nativity Pageant
The Christmas Eve Nativity Pageant is coming (December 24 at 5pm)! Rehearsals will be on Sunday afternoons on December 7, 14, and 21. There are roles for 4yr olds - high school students so we'd love to have your kids participate! Contact Hubie Mann ( to sign-up.

Save the Dates
Next Summer's Vacation Bible School is scheduled for June 22-26.  Mark your calendars now and plan to join us in "Hometown Nazareth" for another awesome week of VBS!


Go and Do Conference


Becoming a Missional Christian: Would you like to join God's mission in this world?  Get a glimpse of the vision, see what Jesus is doing, and "Go and Do" likewise!  Eastminster is participating with First Presbyterian Church, Douglasville, at the "Go and Do" Conference, Saturday, January 24, 2015, 8:30am-4:15pm,  At this one day conference, Christian author Don Everts challenges Christians to live our lives on mission.  Explore how to serve God in our local and global communities. 


Adult registration is $40 or 2 for $65.  Youth is $20.  Walk in registration is $60 or 2 for $100.  Cost includes conference attendance, materials, snacks, lunch and all children's activities. Check out details and register online at or contact FPC-Douglasville at 770-942-0710.


Deacon's Corner


Church Use - In order to eliminate conflicts and ensure the church facilities are cleaned up after an event, a completed Building Use Request form is required before that event is placed on the church calendar. This is for all events including church events.  Forms are available from Linda in the church office, as well as the usher's closet.  For recurring events approved in 2014, a form for 2015 must be submitted (only one form is required for the year).


Mission News


Operation Christmas Child

Want to help behind the scenes of OCC? Volunteer at the OCC Processing Site! Join us for a night of working, praying and fellowship as we help process shoeboxes before they get shipped out all over the world. There are two dates to choose from - Monday, December 1st from 6 - 10 p.m., and Tuesday, December 2nd from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Space is limited, so sign up now at



Kenya Chili Cook-Off

Start perfecting your chili! The Kenya Mission Team invites you to the 2nd Annual Kenya Chili Cook-off!  Mark your calendars for Sunday, January 25th at 6pm to taste some amazing chili and see if anyone can beat Terri Mann this year!  This will be an evening full of food, fellowship, and an exciting chance to support the mission team's work in Kenya next summer. All proceeds will go directly to projects at Tumaini, Huruma and Kenya Connection Children's Homes.  We need chili contestants!  If you are interested in entering, please contact Leanne Chesser at or 404-697-6924.



Hands of Hope October 2014 Mission Trip

A Very Big Thank You!


The Mission Trip to West Virginia was awesome! We were able to reach out to so many families through the programs we had while we were there. God opened so many doors for us and reopened others, allowing us to renew relationships that started three years ago on our first trip to West Virginia! We truly have begun to see that what our Church is doing through Hands of Hope is making a difference.


The Mission Trip and what we do while in West Virginia would not be possible without the support of the EPC congregation! You are a caring, praying and giving congregation. That love, care and prayer goes with us on each trip we make. You, too, are the Hands and Feet of Christ helping us to build relationships through the love of Jesus Christ. The Mission Team is so very grateful for all that you do.   Your donations of bedding, clothes and household items filled the trailer!!  The food you made and the items you donated for Ladies Night Out filled the women with the joy that comes when you know someone cares about you.  You made hats, scarves, mittens and blankets that we were able to distribute in the Hollers which will keep many children warm this winter. Donations to the Diaper Fund continue to allow mothers to care properly for their children.


We thank you so very much for all that you do!


Our next trip is scheduled in late April, 2015. Be on the lookout for information on donations needed in the March timeframe.


Blessings and love,

The Hands of Hope Mission Team




Mission Team - Thank You for 2014

First of all...Thank you to God! He has guided all of us in our 2014 travels and decisions. Because we are His children, He knows how we fit into His plans.  Thank you, God, for all your many blessings.


Thanks to the Session and Tim's leadership, this church has become even more of a giving church. EPC Session has added a 2% tithe line item to the church's general  budget. This is beyond all the many ways that our church reaches out to the world in mission. It does not make logical sense to send resources out of the church, but the blessings pour back in our church. Blessings that include new connections with Christ's way and Christ's people everywhere.


Thank you to Valerie Mote and her team in another successful Fall Festival. It is not just resources for our many 2015 missions, but having a friendly front door.  Thank you to our wonderful congregation and neighbors for making this a great evangelical event.


Thank you to the congregation for their generosity. The 2014 Annual Mission Offering reached new heights. Thank you to Abigail, for the vision to know that God has big plans and EPC can do big things.


Thank you to all who have supported, joined and even led our 2014 missions. God not only sends the church's  resources, but He sends us!


Thank you to everyone in realizing we are God's children, and in that capacity, we all are God's missionaries to the world.  As long as we focus on what God has done for us, we then can then focus on what He has for us to do in His name. It might just  be  a smile to someone new at worship, or a personal testimony of how God stepped into our life. Or... it just might be... being more like Christ to that person standing in front of you, that person next door, or a  person across the country or world.  


Thank you, God, for the Christ filled and wonderful, mission year in 2014.


Thank you Eastminister. I can't wait to see what Christ has for us next year.


Women's Ministry  


Spunky Spirits

The Spunky Spirits Ladies Circle is getting ready for its annual "Family Christmas" Event.  Our circle is given families through the Family First organization and we are told their ages, sizes, and what they would like.  We have been doing this for many years and members of the congregation can help us if they would like to, please contact Nancy Speiser 770-542-7229 or Karen Jones 678-445-8080. This is a wonderful outreach, right here in our community. We would love to tell you more.

December 9th we will be meeting for breakfast at IHOP-Johnson Ferry and Shallowford at 8:30am. Shopping following breakfast. December 11 we will meet in the CLC to wrap presents.



Sonflower Sisters

Attention moms of elementary-age daughters - the Sonflower Sisters are throwing a party! Join us for a Sonflower Sisters Christmas party on Friday, December 5th in the Youth Room in the CLC from 7 to 8:30pm.  We'll be having a short devotional, a fun service project craft, then a Christmas video and snacks. If you have any questions, please contact Beth Hartt at



Craft Circle 

Craft Circle will meet for a Christmas Lunch and fun gift exchange at the home of Lynne Buchanan, Monday, Dec. 15th at 11:30.  Please rsvp to Lynne B at 404-234-5063 or  Bring a small "handmade" gift for the exchange (made by you or someone else).  


Lunch Bunch 

The Holiday Ladies Lunch Bunch will meet December 18th at Ritter's, 4719 Lower Roswell Rd, NE., Marietta. Directions from the church: Turn left out of parking lot and

go to Johnson Ferry Rd.  Turn right and continue on Johnson Ferry Rd until you reach Lower Roswell Rd. Turn right. Ritter's will be on your right-hand side just beyond

Longhorn Steak House in the next shopping center. RSVP to Sandra Allen by December 17th at 770-977-8742 or


Hat/Scarf/Mitten Tree(s)


It's time to decorate the Hat/Scarf/Mitten tree(s) with all the items you've been working on throughout the year (or purchased).  These items will be donated to MUST Ministries, providing warmth for many children and adults for the cold winter months.  There will be a tree in the CLC and in the main building alcove.  Hang your items on either tree.


Breakfast With Santa


Breakfast with Santa returns to Eastminster on Saturday, December 6. Come enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast prepared by the Craftsmen and served by the ECP Board of Directors, participate in holiday crafting, and let Santa know what you would like this Christmas (assuming you've been a good boy or girl)! Tickets are on sale now and prices are:  Adults:  $12, Children under 12:  $8, Senior Citizens:  $7, Children 2 and under:  Free.  There is a $40 limit per immediate family.  This event will sell out so be sure to get your tickets early!  Return the completed ticket order forms with payment to Cathi Cahn, Preschool Director, by December 1. Tickets will not be sold at the door.


Poinsettia Dedication


We are accepting dedications for poinsettias to be placed in both the Sanctuary and the Great Hall this Christmas season. The cost of the poinsettias is $8 per plant. Please fill out the form below. The deadline is December 14.


Total # Plants _________________


In loving memory of _____________________________




In honor of ____________________________________




____ Presented to Eastminster Presbyterian Church


Name of Donor ________________________________


Amount Enclosed ______________________________


Please return to Eastminster Presbyterian Church

3125 Sewell Mill Road, Marietta, GA  30062


Golden Girls


The EPC Golden Girls is a social club for widows and single mature ladies in our church family. Check out these fun outings coming up! 


Thursday, December 4th - Lunch at Paper Mill Grill at 11:30

Saturday, December 20th - Lunch at Bradley's Bar and Grill at 12:30

Saturday, January 3rd - Retirement party for Martha Powers at 11 a.m. in the CLC (please email Jeanne and let her know what you can bring).


To RSVP, or if you have any questions, please contact Jeanne Chesser at  or 404-374-2381.


Eastminster Presbyterian Church |
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