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August 2

The Deep: Touch

Dr. McConnell


Rev Up For Fall


August 9

Go and Do: Sober Eyes

Dr. McConnell


August 16

Go and Do: Hands and Feet

Dr. McConnell


August 23

Go and Do: Compassionate Heart

Rev. Blake Hudson


August 30

Go and Do: Joyful Soul

Dr. McConnell









1   Ray Westerlage

1   Tim Minors

1   Andrew Dixon

1   Austin Barner

1   Nicholas Edwards

2   John Buchanan

2   George Stewart

2   Todd Byrd

4   Helen Moran

4   David Pirlot

4   Wonyean Gaye

4   Noah Hammett

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5   Wendy Norton

5   Daniel Jones

6   Anders Dickerson

8   Jane Kennedy

8   Randy Tahsler

8   Reed Goodwin

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11  Brad West

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27  Anderson Taylor

28  Tanya Rizk

28  Beth Crump

29  Diane Black

29  Jim Huckaby

29  Joe Arcuragi

29  Reston Goodwin

30  Liam McConnell 



Happy Anniversary


2  Robert & Erica Jansen

3  Joel & Martha Knight

3  Stan & Merrilee


4  Jack & Jennifer Wall

5  Mike & Jennie Adams

5  Jack & Cathy Clark

5  Hal & Ellen Parkerson

5  Steve & Katie Todd 

7  Lee & Nancy Smith

10  Stan & Flo Sharp

10  Lewis & Myrall


11  Jonathon & Rosie


11  Roger & Suzanne


12  Karl & Sharon


14  Harry & Merrilyn


14  Lee & Hayley Nagel

14  Stan & Judy


15  Todd & Shirley Byrd

15  Tom & Sara Dilworth

15  Dan & Jo Ann Kiser

15  Kevin & Christi


16  Dave & Carolyn    


16  Dick & Cathy


19  Rod & Karen Clark

20  Matt & Jamie Ryder

21  David & Elizabeth


21  Thomas & Mary

         Grace Schaap

24  Brian & Candice


25  Richard & Elaine


26  Cliff & Barbara


27  Barry & Beth Gannon

27  William & Cindy


27   Jim & Michelle


28  David & Chris


29  John & Janie Bunch

31  Tom & Jane Baskin

31  Pat & Leila Ramsay






August 2


Dick & Cathy DuBose

Debbie Taylor



Karen Miller

Marsha Stemme

Stan Beard


August 9


Piet & Ester Strydom

Valerie Mote



Dan & Jo Ann Kiser

Scott & Angie Wessner


August 16


Scott & Michelle


Joel & Jill Guske



Frank & Jo Byrd

Leslie Michael


August 23


Sara Dilworth

Adrienne Riga

Jay Oliver



Eric & Alison Horton

Tommy Nickles


August 30


Helen Hvizdak

Sharon Melcher



Ellen Parkerson

Gail Sorrells





August 2

Flo & Stan Sharp

John Bunch

Stan Morris


August 9

Carol Banks

Stan Beard

Mike Moran

Stan Morris


August 16

Norm & Suzie Baur

Jay Michael

Stan Morris


August 23

Jim & Debbie Bussart

Paul & Snookie Goldberg


August 30

Stan Beard

Scott Briggs

Mike Adams

Stan Morris




Christian Sympathy


is expressed to . . .

Edna Bayless on the loss of her sister, Ruth McMullens;

The family of Emma Milly;

The family of Rob Richter.









The Center of the Church


Come let us worship the Lord! It's time for many families to start a new calendar. If you have children in school, that's certainly the case. What belongs on the weekly calendar?


I believe a Christian wanting to grow in faith needs three things in a week: (1) a commitment to worship, (2) a time to breathe in, getting fed and educated through small group or classes, and (3) a time to breathe out, serving the Lord in the church or in a mission effort. I want to focus on the first one. Can we commit to worship?


I heard a podcast recently surveying Christian parents. They thought they were raising their kids in the faith. They thought they were raising their kids in the church. But when they added up their calendar from the previous year they realized that due to sports, vacations, and the rest, they had actually sat down in church to worship with their children half the amount they estimated.


If we aren't raising our children and grandchildren to regularly expect worship, how will they continue on that way when they leave our homes? What will they value more than the fear and reverence of the Lord? It might be time to shift our activities to match our actual values.


Let's put God first on our calendars. Let's give God the first fruits of every new week-the first major commitment in the morning of the first day of the week. It belongs to God for worship.


I taught my son, Liam, how to dig a sand hole on the beach this summer. Just keep digging in the same place and the water will fill in, and the hole will get wider and wider! Want to broaden your influence for Christ? Deepen your commitment to worship. Deepen your passion for the presence of Christ and he will spread the reaches of your witness.


Come, let us worship the Lord.


Yours in Christ,



          I was glad when they said to me,

                     "Let us go to the house of the LORD!"

                              (Psalm 122:1)


Christian Education


Children's Ministry

"End of Summer Water Olympics"

For kids aged 4yrs - 5th grade is Saturday, August 1, from 11am - 1pm at Frank and Jo Byrd's house in West Cobb (605 Burke Lake Dr. off of Kennesaw Due West).  We'll spend the morning playing various games for the Water Olympics, followed by hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, drinks and dessert. Dress to get wet (swim suit) and bring a towel.


Rev Up For Fall

On Sunday, August 2, Come join us in the Fellowship Hall from 10-11am for food, fellowship and information booths. This is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about all of the various ministries at Eastminster and to sign-up for classes, Bible studies, small groups, choirs, youth group activities, Men's and Women's Ministry, etc.  Children should join their parents in Fellowship Hall from 10-10:30am to get some food and check out all of the booths, but then from 10:30-11am, the children will be dismissed to go to their new Fall Christian Life Training classes to meet their teachers and fill out registration cards. Adult Christian Life Training classes will begin the following Sunday, August 9.


Small Groups

We believe that meeting regularly with a small group of Christ followers is vital to growing in your faith. That's why we offer many opportunities throughout the week for members of EPC to meet together in small groups for fellowship, caring, and Bible study. So, if you're interested in joining a small group this fall, please fill-out a small groups survey form and return it by Sunday, Aug. 2, and we'll help you find the right group for you!  Contact Hubie Mann ( if you have questions or need additional information.


Children's Ministry Teachers Needed

This fall, we are expanding our Christian Life Training classes for elementary aged children so that we will have separate classes for grades 1-5 (no more "combo" classes that encompass two grades). However, in order to do this, we need to recruit 10 new teachers to join our teaching team.  We provide the curriculum and training; you provide the love and encouragement for our children. What a blessing! Contact Hubie Mann for more details.


Financial Peace University (FPU)

Come join us as we learn how to handle money God's way. Take the first "baby step" to get out of debt, prepare for your future, and be able to give generously! Eastminster will be hosting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, a nine week class, running from September 2 - November 4 from 7:00-8:30pm each week. The cost is $99 per couple (or individual) and includes the class, lots of support materials, and a lifetime membership to FPU. Singles, couples, and older adults are all encouraged to attend! This class will meet in CLC Room 204 and will be led by Carrie and Jason Barker. Contact Hubie Mann for more details.


Fall Line-up of Adult Christian Life Training Classes


Sunday Morning Courses (10:15-11am)


Bible Stories For Grown-Ups (New Testament) - Do you feel like you are a little rusty (or even completely clueless) when it comes to those "classic" Bible stories that everybody else at church seems to be familiar with? Maybe you didn't grow-up going to Sunday school or you came to faith as an adult, so much of the Bible is still pretty new to you? You're not alone! Last year we offered the Old Testament version of this class and it was such a big hit, that we decided to cover the New Testament this year. Focusing on the life and ministry of Jesus as revealed by the Gospel writers we will study these beloved stories within the cultural and historical context of 1st century Judaism in this discussion-based, no homework class. This class will run from August 9 through December 20 in CLC Room 204 and will be led by Mary-Evelyn Starnes.


Know Why You Believe What You Believe - You know that you're a Christian. You know that you have faith. You even know what it is that you believe. But do you know why you believe what you believe?   I Peter 3:15 says that believers should "always be ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you." Do you feel prepared to do that? If not, then this class is for you! The Christian faith has always been a rational faith that's based on historical facts and the truth, but you need to be able to articulate that truth! Come strengthen your own faith and become better equipped to answer those tough questions that your skeptical relatives, friends, and co-workers like to throw at you. Come and know why you believe what you believe. This class runs from August 9 to December 20 in CLC Room 208 and will be led by Terri and Hubie Mann.


Paul's Letters to the Philippians and Ephesians - Philippians is the most personal letter Paul wrote to a church. In it, he addresses many challenging aspects of the Christian life such as joy, humility, and spiritual unity. In Ephesians, Paul's central theme is one of uniting all things in Christ by uniting his church and breaking down all that separates us from God.   Both of these letters were written while Paul was in prison facing possible death, but their passion and energy are undimmed. They reveal Paul's longing to see churches grow in faith and understanding and to see this faith worked out in practice. This class runs from August 9 to December 20 in CLC Room 209 and will be led by Carolyn Waters.


Starting Point New Members Class - For those who want to explore membership at Eastminster Presbyterian Church, this is a great time to get to know other new members, our church staff, elders and ministry teams. To register or to get more information, contact Valerie Mote ( or 770-401-8854) or Phil McClendon ( or 770-518-9811). Dates and class location are TBD.



Wednesday Night Courses (7-8pm). Classes meet following the Fellowship Dinner from 6-7pm. Childcare is provided in Room 3.


Intentional Leadership - In reflecting on the leaders from the Bible, one can see that God uses introverts (Moses) as well as extroverts (King David), educated (Paul) as well as untrained (Old Testament Joseph), strong personality types (Peter) as well as humble personality types (Daniel). So, what is "it" that allows one to be more "intentional" with leadership in serving Jesus Christ? Come be a part of this study on leadership where the focus is not on creating "leaders" but developing "leadership". The type of leadership that is defined by one's "response" as opposed to one's "role". A leadership that comes from an intentionality on one's faith and trust in Christ! This study meets from August 5 to December 9 in the Library and will be led by Pat McPherson.


B90X: The Bible in 90 Days - "The Bible in 90 Days" is an increasingly popular course being offered in churches across America. Author Ted Cooper figured out that people could read the Bible in a prescribed period of time if they had a clear, attainable schedule to follow. Cooper himself experimented in reading the Bible and determined that reading 12 pages a day would allow someone to read the complete book in 90 days. "The Bible in 90 Days" is for anyone who is interested in deepening their spiritual experience, no matter their level of acquaintance with the Bible. This class runs from August 5 through December 9 in CLC Room 209 and will be led by Dr. Tim McConnell.


Know Why You Believe What You Believe - You know that you're a Christian. You know that you have faith. You even know what it is that you believe. But do you know why you believe what you believe?   I Peter 3:15 says that believers should "always be ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you." Do you feel prepared to do that? If not, then this class is for you! The Christian faith has always been a rational faith that's based on historical facts and the truth, but you need to be able to articulate that truth! Come strengthen your own faith and become better equipped to answer those tough questions that your skeptical relatives, friends, and co-workers like to throw at you. Come and know why you believe what you believe. This class runs from August 5 to December 9 in CLC Room 208 and will be led by Terri and Hubie Mann.


Financial Peace University (FPU) - Come join us as we learn how to handle money God's way. Take the first "baby step" to get out of debt, prepare for your future, and be able to give generously! Eastminster will be hosting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, a nine week class, running from September 2-November 4 from 7:00-8:30pm each week. The cost is $99 per couple (or individual) and includes the class, lots of support materials, and a lifetime membership to FPU. Singles, couples, and older adults are all encouraged to attend! This class will meet in CLC Room 204 and will be led by Carrie and Jason Barker


Youth Calendar





While most of the older youth know exactly what's happening on this morning, our sixth graders do not!

All youth, grades 7th-12th grades, need to meet at the church by 7:00 AM. We will be heading out in teams to "kidnap" our 6th graders!


Sunday August 2: KICK OFF SUNDAY


Come hear about the new year, our updated schedule, important dates but most of all, the reason we strive so hard to introduce your students to Jesus Christ and the hope of the Gospel.


You'll also hear from our Director of Worship, Chris Owenby, about new musical opportunities designed specifically for your youth!



Some games will include water, so dress appropriately.

Our Sunday night schedule has been slightly adjusted

Middle School Youth: 4:00-5:15 PM

Dinner: 5:15-5:45 PM

High School Youth: 5:45-7:00 PM


Wednesday August 5:


Youth Fellowship/Hang out, 5:00 PM

Dinner, 6:00 PM

Youth Bible Study: 7:00-8:00 PM


Sunday, August 9: REGULAR YOUTH


Friday August 14 - Sunday August 16:


SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN! Please text or email Rev. Hudson ASAP.

If your child will be in 6th-12th grade, they are invited to come to this awesome retreat!

Cost: $165, (the price increases to $180 August 9)

This weekend is full of passionate worship, small group Bible studies, crowded cabins and an entire afternoon playing on the amazing things Sharptop Cove offers (they have a "blob", zip lines, slides, giant swing, climbing wall, and tons of open space). This is the first trip for next year's youth, so we want to bring as many people as possible!


We need drivers and chaperones! Let me know if you are interested.


Sunday August 23: REGULAR YOUTH

Sunday August 30: REGULAR YOUTH 

         REAL LIFE SERIES w/ Eddie Capparucci

Sunday September 6: REGULAR YOUTH

Sunday September 13: REGULAR YOUTH

         REAL LIFE SERIES w/ Eddie Capparucci

Sunday September 20 and Wednesday September 23: FALL BREAK, no regular youth group

Wednesday September 23: ROCK CLIMBING, 1-3 PM



REMIND 101: This year, I'll be using the app Remind 101 for group texts and weekly reminders!

To sign up, text @allep to 81010.

Sign-up sheets with specific instructions will be available in the youth room throughout the year!



We begin August 5 and end December 9

We will not meet on September 23 or November 25th

Wednesday Night Schedule

Fellowship: 5:00-6:00 PM

Dinner: 6:00-7:00 PM

Devotional Time: 7:00-8:00 PM


THE REAL LIFE SERIES is back with meaningful topics that impact the youth of today. We will be discussing how God's truth can help us handle everyday problems from a Spiritual perspective.

Sessions Include:






We will meet once a month during regular youth group

The dates for Fall are August 30, September 13, October 18 and November 15



What? Part of my ministry is to be a part of your youth's lives outside of the walls of EPC. I would love to support your teenager in any of their outside pursuits, whether it be sports, music, dance, fencing, cupcake making, etc.! If it has a schedule, I or another youth leader would love to attend.

Why? Faith should spread into every aspect of life and community of faith should reflect that! Your teenager should be able to look into the stands and see a member of the church supporting them.

How? Please send me your teenager's schedule of sports or recitals or concerts so we know what's happening when. The goal to attend something for every student every year.


CONFIRMATION UPDATE: Eastminster Presbyterian Church is delighted to present a yearlong Confirmation Program for our youth! Open to any and every Eighth Grade Youth, this is a comprehensive program designed to help youth take those first steps of faith, and if desired, to join the church as a full member in the spring of 2016. In addition to meeting every Sunday morning during Christian Life Training in Room 203, we will also have special activities outside of Sunday morning throughout the year.  If your family is interested, contact Rev. J. Blake Hudson at the church office (


Finance Corner


As Christians we rejoice with faith in the resurrection. Yet we also know the passage from life to death can be stressful on those who survive us. You can ease some of that stress by acting now to put your estate plan in order. Who will be executor of your estate? Who will decide how your personal treasures are distributed?

By creating a legal will or living trust, you can provide your survivors with a peace of mind, knowing that you have already determined how your estate will be distributed and who will care for minor children. They will still grieve, but they won't face the daunting task of making decisions that you could have made.

A will also provides an excellent opportunity to remember Eastminster Presbyterian Church. A gift to the church through your will serves as a testament to your heirs of your faith in God and the resurrection. A will provides you with one last opportunity to exemplify what it means to be a good steward, providing for others as God has provided for you during your lifetime. What a blessing you can be to future generations!

Please email if you have any questions.


Music Ministry


 Wednesday Evening Music!

Those interested in joining the Adult Chancel Choir or Eastminster Ringers should plan to attend a new member reception on Wednesday, August 5, 7:15-7:45pm.  Come enjoy refreshments and good conversation. You'll learn more about these two musical groups and get to know the folks who are currently singing and ringing!  (regular rehearsal times printed below)



KidChoir, EPC's Children's Choir, will begin meeting at 3:30pm on Sunday afternoons starting on August 2. Choir will be offered for preschool thru fifth grade students. 

The Cherubs, Ages 4 thru 1st grade, will meet from 3:30 - 4:15pm in Room Two, and the Choristers, 2nd thru 5th grade, will meet from 3:30 - 4:15pm in the choir room. 


Children will enjoy singing a broad range of musical styles, fun games and activities, and an emphasis on worship and what it means to serve Jesus through service and singing.  No audition necessary, just a love for singing and a joyful heart!  



This is an exciting time in the life of the music ministry at EPC. God is working in and through our young people. The music and youth ministries are excited to announce a new opportunity for youth to serve in worship.  


ReSound, EPC's youth chorus, will meet on Sunday afternoons beginning on August 2.  High School students will meet in the choir room from 4:30 - 5:15pm and middle school students will meet in the choir room from 5:45 - 6:30pm.  Students will enjoy singing a broad range of musical styles and learning what it means to worship the Lord through song.  Come and sing with us! 



Fall Music Activity Break-Down

Wednesday Evenings beginning August 5

Eastminster Ringers (Handbell Ensemble), 6:30-7:30pm, sanctuary

Chancel Choir (Adult Choir), 7:30-9:00pm, choir room


Sunday Afternoons

Cherub Choir (4yr-1st grade), 3:30-4:15pm, Room 2

Chorister Choir (2nd-5th grade), 3:30-4:15, Choir Room

ReSound, High School Students (9th-12th),

        4:30-5:15pm, Choir Room

ReSound, Middle School Chorus (6th-8th),

        5:45-6:30pm, Choir Room


Contact our Director of Worship and Music, Chris Owenby, for more information or questions about any of the musical activities printed above -


College Student Addresses


 We mail notes of encouragement and surprises periodically throughout the school year. Please forward your college students mailing address to Jeanne Chesser via text or voicemail at 404-374-2381 or



Medical Transportation


We are setting up a Medical Transportation Team to provide transportation to members of our congregation who need a means to get to medical appointments and or treatments. Some of the guys in the Friday lunch bunch have offered their services to get the planned organization up and running. If you would like to volunteer as a driver or if you need to schedule transportation to an appointment or treatment call Cliff Lowery, 770-973-1172.


Wednesday Night Dinners


Wednesday Night Dinners begin on Wednesday, August 5 at 6PM in the CLC, along with the Fall Bible Study Series.  The first dinner will be a Pot Luck!  Eastminster will provide both fried and baked chicken. We are requesting each family to bring their favorite side, salad or dessert to share.  (Please make at least enough to serve 8 people).  Come and enjoy this special fellowship time--meet up with old friends and make some new ones!  We are working on polishing up our menus for the Fall, so watch for those soon!  Don't forget that we would love to have your help--see either Wendi Shreiner or Karen Miller (the ladies in the aprons).


Women's Ministry 


"Get the Scoop" Event 

The Women's Ministry "Get the Scoop" Event will take place Monday, August 17th at 7pm in the CLC. All women of EPC are encouraged to attend to find out about all that is going on in Women's Ministry. We hope you will join us for some dessert and an opportunity to learn how you can get more involved in the life of the women at EPC.



Sonflower Sisters

Coming in September, the Sonflower Sisters will start a new year of fun and exciting activities for elementary-aged girls and their moms. The leaders are coming up with the calendar of events and will be ready to announce them soon, so please watch your email, the bulletin, and the Beacon for more details. If you're not already on the Sonflower Sisters email list, please send your email address to Beth Hartt ( or Lara Atalla ( so you don't miss out on the fun! If you have any questions about Sonflower Sisters, please feel free to ask Beth or Lara. We look forward to seeing our Sonflower Sisters soon!


Session Meeting Highlights

July 2015 


Session welcomed Susan Tischler into the Covenant Partnership of Eastminster.


Session approved the baptism of Grace Ryder, daughter of Members Matt & Jamie Ryder, on August 2, 2015, at the 9am service. Dr. McConnell will officiate.


Session acknowledged with sadness the death of Emma Milly on July 13, 2015. A family service was held on July 19, 2015.


Session approved a Letter of Transfer for John & Stella Hanson to The Church of the Cross in Bluffton, SC.


Session approved limiting Eastminster's involvement in the Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service this year to an open invitation to the congregation without staff, choir, or youth involvement.


Session approved a concert to be given by the Georgia Festival Chorus on Sunday, March 13, 2016, in the sanctuary.


Session approved a motion to support the KSU/Journey, under the direction of the KSU/Journey Board and new Director, Rev. Greg Griffin, with additional funding of up to $6,500 as needed for 2015.


Session approved a motion to support the Presbyterian church in Egypt by contributing $1,000/year for 3 years for building projects and $6,000 this year and $14,400/year for the next two years to support new pastors. Funds for this year are available from larger than expected donations to the United Mission Fund


Session approved a Scholarship Fund to be set up to allow Eastminster member to support additional orphanages in Kenya. The fund will be administered by a member of the Kenya team, and funds will be transferred via the Outreach Foundation.


The next Stated Session meeting will be held on Thursday, August 20, 2015, at 7:30pm in Room 204.


Respectfully submitted,


Diane L. Brock

Clerk of Session


Mission News


Hands of Hope News

HOH Bicycle Give Away for the McDowell County Library Children's Summer Reading Program: The HOH Mission Teams and the EPC Mission Committee are very excited that we have been able to provide 16 bicycles for a drawing for children who attend the summer reading program.  The summer reading program is offered free to all children of McDowell County.  Suzie and Norm Baur will be traveling to West Virginia on August 5, for the drawing!


Diaper Fund

Our funds for diapers are running low!....Cases of diapers are sent on a regular basis every 6-8 weeks in various sizes requested.  Continued donations would be greatly appreciated!  The women at the Hope Chest have told us that the diapers have been a blessing for so many families and are truly appreciated! Checks can be made out to Eastminster Presbyterian Church with Hands of Hope Diaper Fund  indicated on the memo line on the check.  Cash should be placed in an envelope marked Hands of Hope Diaper Fund. Both can be placed in the offering plate, mailed or given to the church office.  Thank You !!


Fall 2015 Mission Trip - September 24 - 27

It is hard to believe that our next Hands of Hope Mission Trip is coming up in 2 months! A team of 12 is ideal for this trip. It was a very hard winter in the West Virginia Mountains last year. We are asking for donations of  specific items for this trip in hopes of making this a warmer winter for the children and families of McDowell County.


Specific Priority Needs:  Warm blankets, sleeping bags (adult and children), comforters, Winter jackets (infant, child and adult), scarves, hats and mittens, pillows and pillow cases, children's winter clothes, warm socks, Sweat Shirts/pants (child, teen and adult).  All items should be gently used or new.  Please, no adult clothes other than those listed.


If you are interested in going on the next mission trip, please contact Suzie 678-283-0774 or Norm 678-283-0776.  We are looking for commitments by August 15th.   Thank you for all you do for Hands of Hope. 



The Eastminster Heritage Well

Our church has partnered with Living Water International, a well-known and reputable ministry to provide clean water to remote villages around the world. A permanent well provides Living Water to the local people and The Living Word from an established community member or a local pastor. Eastminster Heritage Well will be drilled in Nicaragua. A plaque will be placed at the well site stating it is from us and will be known as The Eastminster Heritage Well. More details later about the villagers, their lives and the well. Pray for a successful installation and spread of The Word.    Gail Sorrells  404-405-0909




Fall Festival - October 9 and 10

Mark your calendars!


Leadership Nominations


It's time to nominate our next slate of leaders. Do you recognize a Christian leader among you?


CALLED TO SERVE: The Presbyterian Church is governed by elders and led into service by deacons. These officers must be mature Christians, people we look up to as leaders and admirable Christian disciples. Please read the descriptions and guiding scripture, and pray before nominating a possible officer. It is also kind to check with them for willingness to serve.



Elders (presbyter) lead the spiritual life and overall governance of the church by actively following Christ, the Head of the Church. (1 Pet 5:1-15; 1 Tim 3:1-10; Titus 1:5-9)

Deacons recruit, train and inspire volunteers for ministries of service and compassion. Our deacons handle maintenance of the facility, hospitality, and nurture. (Acts 6:2-6; 1 Tim 3:8-13)

Trustees are responsible for protecting and monitoring the Corporation of Eastminster.

Nominating Team is also elected by the congregation for the purpose of discerning potential leadership. All who serve as officers in A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO) must agree without reserve to the Essential Tenets, which may be downloaded from All proposed officers (even those transferring ordination from another Reformed/Presbyterian church) will be asked to agree to the Essential Tenets before their names will be placed in nomination.



So I exhort the elders among you. . .shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversite, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you; not for shameful gain, but eagerly; not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock. - 1 Peter 5:1-3


For those who serve well as deacons gain a good standing for themselves and also great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus. - 1 Timothy 3:13


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Officer Nomination Form I have prayerfully considered the requirements of officers, and spiritual walk of the following candidates. I believe these men and women to be qualified to serve for the coming 3-year term.


ELDER (need 5) ญญญญญญ_______________________________


DEACON (need 3) ญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญ_____________________________


TURSTEE (need 1) _______________


NOMINATION TEAM (need 2)______________________


Nominations will be received until Sept. 6, 2015. Place in offering plate or in a sealed envelope to the church office.


Suppers of Eight


The third Saturday is suggested to be set aside by the participants of Suppers of Eight. For those who are not acquainted with this program, it is a wonderful way to meet and get to know other members or visitors. Participants spend one evening in September, October and November with three other couples. Each couple brings one food course to help the host family with the meal! Singles are welcome to sign-up also. Please complete the form below, place in the offering plate or call Reta Frew at 404-456-3762. The deadline to sign up is August 16.


Name: ______________________________________


Phone: ______________________________________


email: _______________________________________


Address: _____________________________________


Please indicate here if you wish to participate only as an alternate (on a periodic basis if a primary participant is not available). ____


Eastminster Presbyterian Church |
3125 Sewell Mill Rd, Marietta, GA 30062
Rev. Dr. Timothy P. McConnell, Senior Pastor






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