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August 3 

Limitless Renewal

Rev. Hudson



August 10

Limitless Refreshment

Dr. McConnell

Rev Up for Fall

Small Groups


August 17

Limitless Revival

Dr. McConnell


August 24

Limitless Strength

Rev. Hudson


August 31

Limitless Peace

Dr. McConnell







1   Ray Westerlage

1   Austin Barner

1   Nicholas Edwards

2   John Buchanan

2   Todd Byrd

4   Helen Moran

4   David Pirlot

4   Wonyean Gaye

4   Noah Hammett

5   Paige Hammett

5   Daniel Jones

6   Anders Dickerson

8   Jane Kennedy

8   Randy Tahsler

8   Reed Goodwin

9   Dan Wolfram

11  Brad West

11  Michael Dembski

11  Joel Guske

12  Peter Sullivan

12  Lynne Segars

14  Dave Boyenga

14  Sally Tinsley

14  Kristy Sneeden

14  Wendi Shreiner

15  Kathy Wolfram

17  Debbie Bussart

17  Christy Thomas

17  Ella Starnes

18  David Brentzel

18  Brady John

19  Don Fifield

20  Grant Ramsay

20  Grant Thomas

21  Paul West

21  Elizabeth Ramsay

22  Connie Scott

23  Paul Denison

23  Karl Tousett

23  Mike Hays

23  Jessica Welborn

24  Kevin Wang

24  Parker Morris

24  Renske Strydom

25  Sally Stebbins

25  Chelsea Darling

27  Merrilyn Burke

27  Anderson Taylor

28  Tanya Rizk

28  Beth Crump

29  Jim Huckaby

29  Joe Arcuragi

29  Reston Goodwin

30  Liam McConnell



Happy Anniversary


2   Robert & Erica


3   Stan & Merrilee


5   Mike & Jennie Adams

5   Jack & Cathy Clark

5   Hal & Ellen Parkerson

5   Steve & Kathryn Todd

7   Lee & Nancy Smith

10  Stan & Flo Sharp

10  Lewis & Myrall


11  Jonathon & Rosie


11  Roger & Suzanne


12  Karl & Sharon


14  Harry & Merrilyn


14  Lee & Hayley Nagel

14  Stan & Judy


15  Todd & Shirley Byrd

15  Tom & Sara Dilworth

15  Dan & Jo Ann Kiser

15  Kevin & Christi


16  Dick & Cathy


19  Rod & Karen Clark

20  Matthew & Jamie


24  Brian & Candice


25  Richard & Elaine


26  Cliff & Barbara


27  Barry & Beth Gannon

27  William & Cindy


29  John & Janie Bunch

31  Tom & Jane Baskin

31  Pat & Leila Ramsay










August 3


Dick & Cathy DuBose

Debbie Taylor



Jim & Debbie Bussart

Ray & Judy Westerlage


August 10


Piet & Ester Strydom

Valerie Mote



Dan & Jo Ann Kiser

Scott & Angie Wessner


August 17


Scott & Michelle 


Leslie Michael



Frank & Jo Byrd

Joel & Jill Guske


August 24


Sara Dilworth

Adrienne Riga

Jay Oliver



Eric & Alison Horton

Tommy Nickles


August 31


Helen Hvizdak

Sharon Melcher



Ellen Parkerson

Gail Sorrells



Christian Sympathy

is expressed to . . .


Abigail McConnell's and family in the loss of her grandmother, Gladys Blevins.


Judy Parkinson and family in the loss of her brother, Bill Coleman.


Connie Weems-Scott and family in the loss of her sister, Nancy Drake.




Thank You...


Dear Eastminster Church Famiy

Thank you for all your prayers and cards during my father's illness and recent passing. It is comforting to have such a supportive church family.


Suzanne Edmond

and Family



My daughters and I want to thank all of our caring church families, which includes our awesome and loving staff for such support that you have shown during my wrists surgery. I truly appreciated all the cards, calls, meals, visits, and prayers as they really helped me to recover. We pray for many blessings for all of you.



Pat Provan

and Families



In the past year and a half, I have lost 5 family members, three siblings and two of their spouses. The last two were in the last 30 days. Through all of this, it gave me great comfort to have each of the five on our church's prayer list. Just knowing that there were so many prayers in their behalf, helped inspire the courage needed to continue. Many thanks to you, my church family.


Judy Parkinson 







From the Craft Circle 


Thank you to all who participated in our "Day of Service" Saturday, July 12th.  We had 23 to participate, all ages, and completed such a large volume of projects; hats/mittens/scarves for M.U.S.T. and our W.VA mission, baby blankets, stuffed fabric animals and fleece blankets for our W.VA mission, pet beds for animal shelters and pillow cases for our soldiers overseas.  What a fun day of fellowship while working "together in service" on much needed mission projects!   






Limited Vacation, Limitless God


Relying On The Only Thing That Never Runs Out


On nearly every vacation I've ever taken, I wait until the last moment to pack my things for the trip back home. There's something sad about placing all the vacation things - the casual clothes, books, magazines, chargers, movies, sunscreen, beach towels, sandals - back into the suitcase. That melancholy feeling only grows worse when you zip it closed and carry it down to the car. And even if it was the best vacation ever, there's always a sadness when you begin your journey back to your "normal" life. For some of us, there's a sort of dread. This isn't because life back home is terrible, but because our normal lives are more than a little busy, hectic, overscheduled and overwhelming. Vacations are great because we get to take a break from the exhausting pace of our suburban lives - the only place our kids need to be is at the beach, the only meetings take place in the sand, and our commute has more to do with the tides than traffic.


So whether you have kids heading back to school or you're returning home after a wonderful getaway, most of us feel the same way on the way home: that ended way too soon. Yes, vacations allow us to get away from our overloaded schedules and hectic routines for a time, but they never quite provide us with that deep rest and renewal that we desire so deeply. Although some of our exhaustion is lifted, our hearts are still fundamentally weary. See, even when we follow God's command to rest in our lives, our busy seasons keep claiming more and more of our year and commandeering more and more of our time and energy. With school starting so early and sports requiring so much, our world seems especially prone to loading us down with more than we can handle.


Faced with the responsibilities around us, it's hard to ignore the reality that all of us have our limits. We aren't strong or wise or patient enough to handle the pressures of this life on our own. We can only go so far. But the Good News of the Gospel is that our Lord has promised us access to His limitless nature, which directly remedies our frustrations and tendency to try and make it on our own. Unlike us, His strength and life-giving support is without limits. In a relationship with Him, we are renewed, refreshed, revived and strengthened through an eternal source that never runs out. The weariness we feel in our lives isn't a sign of God's absence, but our ignorance of the connection we have been given in Jesus Christ. As summer ends and our lives get back to "normal", come to worship this August and hear how the limitless nature of our God has been opened to us through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen!


Rev. Blake Hudson

Associate Pastor



Youth News. . .


August Calendar

Saturday August 9, 6-9 AM: Mystery Morning

This is our fun way of welcoming the new sixth graders to youth group! After breaking up into teams, we go and "kidnap" the unsuspecting youth and take them to breakfast at IHOP on Johnson Ferry Road. This is a joyful event and the more the merrier, so if your youth can help, let me know!


Sunday August 10: Rev Up For Fall/ Youth Kick-off

     10 AM: Christian Life Training

      2 PM: Parents Meeting In Youth Room

      4-7 PM: Youth Group All Grades (2nd Annual Color


      7-8:30 PM: High School Coffee/Ice Cream Outing

                         (Bring a change of clothes)


Sunday August 17: First "Regular" Youth Group

            4:15-5:30: Middle School Youth

            5:30-6:00: Dinner

            6:00-7:30: High School Youth



Sunday August 31: Regular Youth

            4:15-5:30: Middle School Youth

            5:30-6:00: Dinner

            6:00-7:30: High School Youth


Youth Reminders

Sunday morning classes meet in three different places beginning on August 11...

      6th-7th Grade Sunday School, Room 207

      8th Grade/Confirmation Class, Room 203

      High School Sunday School, Youth Room


Wednesday Night Bible Study begins on Wednesday, September 3...

      5 PM: Pre-Dinner Fellowship, Youth Room,

      6 PM: Wednesday Night Dinner, CLC

      7 PM: Bible Study

                 Girls, Youth room

                  Boys, Room 203


Youth Group meets Sunday nights...

         Middle School Youth, 4:15-5:30 PM

         Dinner, 5:30-6:00 PM

         High School Youth, 6:00-7:15 PM



Confirmation Update

Eastminster Presbyterian Church is delighted to present a yearlong Confirmation Program for our youth! Open to any and every Eighth Grade Youth, this is a comprehensive program designed to help youth take those first steps of faith, and if desired, to join the church as a full member in the spring of 2015. In addition to meeting every Sunday during the Christian Life Training in Room 203, we will also have special activities outside of Sunday morning throughout the year. If your family is interested, please contact Rev. J. Blake Hudson at the church office


Fall Retreat at Sharptop Cove


Dates: August 22-24, 2014

(Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon)

Ages: Current 5th-11th graders


Cost: $165;  (the price increases to $180 August 12)

Spots are essentially unlimited,

but note the price differences!


How To Sign Up: Send me an email or text as soon as possible and send in your check.


Over the past two years, we were invited to a youth ministry kick-off at Sharptop Cove in Jasper, GA with other churches from the Cobb County/West Georgia area. This is a weekend full of passionate worship, small group Bible studies, crowded cabins and an entire afternoon playing on the amazing things Sharptop Cove offers (they have a "blob", zip lines, slides, giant swing, climbing wall, and tons of open space).


The Standing Congregational Nomination Team


The Standing Congregational Nomination Team is having the Officer Nomination Form placed in the bulletin during the month of August for use by the Congregation to present names for the office of ELDER, DEACON, TRUSEE and NOMINATING TEAM to the Team. Please read the cited Scriptures and carefully read the form before providing the Team with names that you feel are called to SERVE and would make good officers.


Christian Education


"Rev Up For Fall" will be on Sunday, August 10. Come join us in the Fellowship Hall from 10-11am for food, fellowship and information booths representing all of the different ministry teams in the church. This is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about all of the various ministries at Eastminster and to sign-up for classes, Bible studies, choirs, youth group activities, Men's and Women's Ministry, etc. Children should join their parents in Fellowship Hall from 10-10:30am to get some food and check out all of the booths, but then from 10:30-11am, the children will be dismissed to go to their new Fall Christian Life Training classes to meet their teachers and fill out registration cards, etc. Adult Christian Life Training classes will begin the following Sunday, August 17.


Fall Training for all teachers of Christian Life Training classes as well as Youth Ministry Leaders/Volunteers will be on Sunday, September 7, from 2-4pm in CLC Room 208. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.


Wednesday Night Dinners as well as all of our Wednesday evening programs (Adult classes, Youth Bible studies and the Children's SLAM program) will start back up for the Fall on Wednesday, September 3.


Thanks to JC Russell and Matthew Gramling, our two interns, for their faithful service this summer to the children, youth, and adults here at Eastminster. Matthew will resume his studies at Princeton Theological Seminary this fall and JC will be starting the Bachelor of Divinity program at Mid America Seminary in January.


Deacon's Corner


Building Use Requests

A friendly reminder from Building & Grounds that Building Use Requests (and AV forms if needed) are required to reserve church facilities for all groups, including groups within EPC.  The forms can be found in the B&G box in the usher's closet or in the church office.  Thank you!


Are You the Parent of College Students?

If you are the parent of a college-bound student this fall, the Nurture Team needs their address. We like to send notes of encouragement and treats a few times during the school year, but we need your help. Please send your child's name and address for the 2014/15 school year to


Attention Mature Single Ladies

The Widow to Widow ministry is expanding to include single mature women in the congregation that would like to attend social events together.  If you would like to join in on the fellowship and fun, please join us at our next planning meeting on Saturday, August 2nd at 3 p.m. in the Parlor.  Contact Jeanne Chesser with any questions  404-374-2381 or


Eagle Scout Project


Kevin Melcher, a member of EPC's youth group and local Boy Scout Troop 565, is starting his Eagle Project, a fire ring behind the church for the youth group, cook outs, and any other events the church might need it for. One critical part of this process is the fundraising. If you are interested in supporting this project, please submit your check to Eastminster and include "Kevin Melcher Eagle Project" on the memo line. Thank you so much for your support!


Mission News


Blessings In A Backpack Mission

Did you know that there are children in Cobb County who do not have enough to eat? Students who are provided free breakfast and lunch at school face a weekend of hunger.  We are almost ready to begin another school year, and Eastminster's local mission which helps to provide food for needy children is ready to go!  We partner with Grace Pointe Church in Marietta to provide food for the weekend for needy children in Cobb County. Food will be collected throughout the month and delivered the last weekend of each month. Bins will be placed in the Narthex and the lobby of the CLC building for donations beginning in August.  The following types of food are needed:  cheese crackers (no peanut butter due to food allergies), granola bars. Mac n Cheese, juice boxes, fruit cups/fruit chews, individual cereal boxes, Any non-perishable snacks that will fit in a backpack.  Please join us in this mission opportunity. Please contact Dick and Cathy DuBose at if you have any questions.



Hands of Hope Mission


The Mission of Hands of Hope is to provide a pathway of hope by building relationships and reaching out to others with the love of Jesus Christ in McDowell County West Virginia. Eastminster Mission Teams travel as the "hands and feet of Christ" to this impoverished area in the Appalachian Mountains twice a year. 


We have just learned that several of the still operating mines are closing which will lay-off approximately 560 workers starting in August. This will have a major impact on the already poor economy and residents of McDowell County. It will be a hard Christmas and winter in the mountains.


The EPC Mission Team will travel to West Virginia on October 23,24,25,26 this fall. Please follow the information in the church bulletin for types of donations needed.


The Eastminster Teams participate in programs that foster building relationships and bringing hope and purpose to the lives of the people of McDowell County  We provide and participate in Women's programs, Children's programs, home repair projects, food programs, and visits to the Hollers to provide food boxes and lunch bags. The diaper fund is another ongoing project. Thanks to the congregation's financial support we have been able to supply an awesome 18 cases of diapers as needed since February.


If you would like to join the Mission Team for October:   please contact Suzie or Norm Baur, EPC Coordinators for Hands of Hope, at, or 770-321-0188. 


In April a Hands of Hope Support Team was formed which provided baked goods, craft project assistance, and much more prior to the trip. Their participation was a very valuable support and help for the Mission Team!  The donations, prayer and financial support provided by church members are an essential part of this mission! We thank you so much for your continued support and generosity for Hands of Hope.


"If you want to see God, walk among the broken and the beaten, the unattractive and forgotten - there you will see Him."


Women's Ministry  


Ladies Night Out 

Ladies, save the date for our kick off Ladies Night Out. Monday August 11th, we will gather in the CLC at 7pm for a great time of fellowship, some yummy desserts and an overview of the year's Bible studies, circles, small groups, missions and ways to go deeper in our walk with Christ. So plan to join us, you don't want to miss it!



Craft Circle

Craft Circle will NOT meet for August on our normal 2nd Monday.  Please join us in September to complete all projects in the works before beginning a new mission project in October.     


Sonflower Sisters 

Get Ready for a new year with the Sonflower Sisters!

Are you a mom with an elementary-age daughter(s)?  A new year of Sonflower Sisters activities is getting ready to kick off, and we'd love to see you there!  Our first meeting will be Friday, September 5th at 7 p.m. Mark you calendars and watch your email and the church bulletin for details.  It's going to be a great year filled with fun and service.  If you have any questions, please contact Beth Hartt at


Calling All Crafters!


Here is the perfect opportunity to get an early jump on your Fall and Christmas sales.  If you are planning to have a booth at this year's Fall Festival, you need to get your registration submitted early.  We will have up to 15 booths available and they will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.  Pick up a form at the church office or email Sally Brentzel at


Session Meeting Highlights 

July 2014  


Session received the following new covenant partners: Richard & Lara Atalla, Suzanne Bryan, David & Liza Clifton, Kimber Delgado, Laura DuBose, Mary Lindsay Grady, and Steve Todd.


Session acknowledged with sadness the passing of Marge Thomson on June 19, 2014.


Session approved the baptism of Jensen Guske, son of members Joel & Jill Guske, on August 3, 2014, at the 9am service.


Session approved a Kenya mission trip in 2015. The approximate dates are May 27-June 12; the approximate cost is $2900 (plus $900 for the optional safari) for a maximum of 18 missionaries.


Session approved conducting monthly visits to 7 Bridges to prepare and hand out food parcels to the poor and homeless.


Session approved four distributions from the Barnabas fund to members in need.


Session approved the hiring of Bryan Bontrager as a part-time Campus Ministry Intern for The Journey at KSU. At 25 hrs/week, the position is not eligible for benefits. Bryan will be responsible for raising the funds necessary to pay his salary.


The next ECO Synod Meeting will be held Monday, August 18, 2014, in Dallas Texas.


The next Stated Session Meeting will be Thursday, August 21, 2014, at 7:30pm in Room 204.


Respectfully submitted,


Diane L. Brock

Clerk of Session


Faithful 50 Campaign - The Journey KSU


This summer there are parades of new students touring campus while clutching bright yellow bags from the KSU bookstore as they journey through Orientation, registering for classes, learning about the different programs and opportunities that KSU provides them with, meet their roommates, learn about student life, and more. During the tour, registered student groups gather to represent their organization and recruit new students for their organization. The Journey has attended every one of these events, called Orientation Tailgates, so far this summer. We've connected with approx. 500+ incoming freshmen so far, and we have a few more to go. We anticipate that will result in approx. 150-200 students attending our annual Fall Kickoff BBQ and Concert on August 18th. 


Joining a Christian ministry is the last thing many of these young adults are looking for. They want fun and laughter, parties, new experiences, romance, and success. They want the ever-mysterious and hard to define "good life."

The world tells these young adults that life is found in copious amounts of alcohol, sex, conquest, and self-centered relationships with beautiful and successful people.


You and I know this is a lie. It's full of lies, actually. The truth about this is substance abuse is a self-medicating escape from a painful reality. And the people who live there are running from something. The parties, sex, conquest, and self-centered life are nothing better than the neon signs hanging over the casinos and brothels of the world, promising fulfillment... for now.

Christ died so that we really could live the "good life", not a "good for now" life. Because of that, our students are giving their all to meet the next class with the truth, and grace, of this good life found in Christ. They are faithfully seeking to make real, solid, and growing connections with at least 50 new students this year. They need your help; this ministry is on the front lines of discipleship with the next generation. Turn on the news. Read a newspaper. Scroll through your facebook feed. It'll take you less than :60 seconds to realize this world needs Christ. These young adults are trying, with all their might, to usher Him onto this campus.

If you're in a position to do so, I'm asking for your support. We need 50 people to be as faithful as these young adults, and pledge $50/month above and beyond their tithe to the church. This simple goal provides us with $2,500/month, or $30k/year. This is an investment in the next generation. 

Pledge now:    




Suppers of Eight 


The third Saturday is suggested to be set aside by the

participants of Suppers of Eight. For those who are not

acquainted with this program, it is a wonderful way to meet and get to know other members or visitors. Participants spend one evening in September, October and November with three other couples. Each couple brings one food course to help the host family with the meal! Singles are welcome to sign-up also. Please complete the form below and mail to the church, place in the offering plate, or call Reta Frew at 770-955-0588. The deadline to sign up is August 16.




Phone: ______________________________________




Please indicate here if you wish to participate only as an alternate (on a periodic basis if a primary participant is not available). ___


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