Small Groups

Jesus taught hundreds, fed thousands and spread his message far and wide. But he also formed a group of 12 disciples. And it was within this first “small group” that his message really took root. It was within this small group that his disciples began to really love and care for one another.  It was within this small group that accountability took place.

Do you have a group of people like that?  A group small enough that you really know the others and they really know you? A group with enough love and trust built up that you can even challenge each other with the Scriptures (“admonish one another” as the Bible says)? A group to miss you when you’re gone, correct you when you’re wrong, pray for your real needs and help you follow Jesus?

If not, we want to help you get connected, because it’s hard to grow as a Christian disciple without being part of a small group of fellow believers. Here at Eastminster, we have lots of different small groups that meet regularly for fellowship, Bible study, and to care for one another. Groups range in size from about six to twelve members and most meet 2-4 times per month. To get more information or to join a small group, please contact Valerie Mote (gpc.val@gmail.com).


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