Practical Living Series

This once-a-month series will focus specifically on practical issues from a Christian perspective. In addition to hearing from knowledgeable people, a resource list with website, phone numbers, books, and so forth will be provided every time we meet. These take place in the Christian Life Center, Room 204 from 6:00-7:15 PM every third Thursday of the month.



March 21: Basic Computer Education and Security, led by Chris McKemie

If you’ve ever been confused by the various aspects of your computer, and want to learn how to be more efficient, this is the class for you! Deacon Chris McKemie will provide resources for basic computer and application (“apps”) education. Also, computer and mobile security will be discussed.



April 25: Basic Social Media, led by Rev. Blake Hudson

Social media promises to connect us to other people in our lives, but navigating the range of options can be overwhelming. Come learn about the benefits and dangers of different apps, current trends among young people, and how your family can find healthy ways to engage with social media.



May 16: Understanding Senior Care Options, led by Certified Dementia Practitioner Michelle Mitchell of the Memory Center

Come hear from the Admissions and Marketing Director of The Memory Center, Johns Creek, about the various arrangements available for senior care living, how to find the best place for your loved ones when they (and you) need more help than you’re able to give, and learn about the warning signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.