Staff + Leadership

Our Staff

Our Staff, in coordination with Session elders and the Deacon Board, carry out the ministry and programming of the church. Look below to meet our staff members and find out how you can reach them.

Rev. Aaron C. Moore
Senior Pastor

M.Div. Magna Cum Laude, Knox Theological Seminary
PHD Student – Missions, Southern Seminary

c: 404-775-3306
e: aaron.moore@epres.org

Rev. J. Blake Hudson
Associate Pastor

M.Div. Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

e: blake.hudson@epres.org


Rev. Katie Hudson
Assistant Pastor

M.Div. Columbia Theological Seminary

e: katie.hudson@epres.org

Amber Benford
Director of Communications
+ Media

BA Broadcasting, Marietta College

e: amber.benford@epres.org

Director of Children + Families

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

e: kelly.fry@epres.org

Preschool Director
Assistant Preschool Director
Lisa Glenn
Church Administrator/Sr. Pastor’s Asst.

BS, Troy University

e: lisa.glenn@epres.org

Lay Minister for Visitation
Valerie Mote
Lay Minister for Christian Education
Organist (Part Time)

Eastman School of Music, Univ of Rochester

e: anthony.rimore@epres.org

Our Leadership

Our Leadership The governance of Eastminster is Presbyterian, in the tradition of the Reformation. That means you can expect an emphasis on the Bible as the Word of God; the importance of Knowing God for your own salvation; and a lot of education and training in Christian living and leadership. You can also expect to know what’s going on and participate in important decisions through your vote as a member. In our church, you’ll soon find a large group of leaders encouraging you to grow in your faith and learn more about following Jesus as a disciple. Reflecting the forms of the early church found in scripture, we recognize two ordained offices: Elder and Deacon. Our ministers are ‘teaching elders.’ Believing firmly in Jesus Christ as the active head of our church, the elders gather monthly in a Session of discernment, seeking to order our life and mission as a church under the will of Christ. This is where the direction of our church is set and important decisions deliberated before the Lord as we search the Scriptures and seek to love the Lord with all we are. The Deacon Board meets regularly to plan and inspire acts of service to the church and community, encouraging us all to bear one another’s burdens with joy and love our neighbors as ourselves.


  • Elders

    Our Elders are elected leaders who form our 'Session.' This is prayerfully deliberates the everyday matters that affect the life of the church. To find out more about any team or volunteer your time, please contact the team chair for more information. Click on member name to send an e-mail.
    Team Chair(s) Phone
    Clerk of Session Diane Brock (678) 247-0828
    Moderator Rev. Aaron Moore (770) 977-2976
    Communications -Facilitates and coordinates church-wide communication efforts. Margaret Nunez (18) (770) 366-4753 or (770) 977-3853
    Administrative & Personnel -Oversees administrative and personnel matters for the Session of our congregation. Sonny Hall (18) Julie John (18) (770) 317-0312 (404) 213-9854
    Discipleship - Oversees our discipleship opportunities for children, youth, families, adults, and small groups, focusing on forming fully mature disciples and servant leaders of Jesus Christ. Eddie Capparucci (18) Steve Hartt (20) Paula Barbin (20) (404) 788-0002 (770) 910-2358 (404) 493-2657
    Facilities - Continually asks the question, how is our campus communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ? They oversee the appearance, ethos, purpose, and physical maintenance of our campus. Sally Brentzel (18) Alana Nigro (19) (770) 356-0126 or (770) 971-7765 (404) 580-0389 or (770) 971-7700
    Outreach - Oversees Eastminster’s partnerships with local, national, and global mission work and supports our church family in its ministry to the community and around the world. Bob Kaleida (20) Norm Baur (19) Rich Atalla (19) (404) 538-4505 (678) 283-0776 or (770) 321-0188 (650) 339-0653
    Preschool - Oversees Eastminster’s Preschool operations and ministry to its students and their families. The ruling elder serves as the chair of the Preschool board, and the Director reports to the Senior Pastor. Carolyn Waters (19) (678) 522-3154 or (770) 591-5593
    Stewardship & Finance - Oversees the financial affairs of the church, including planning the annual budget, providing regular reports on our financial status, and coordinating the ongoing education of our church family in regard to Biblical principles of giving. Andrew Sain (19) Andy Starnes (18) (404) 388-8346 (404) 310-4154 or 770-989-0028(w)
    Worship - Plans and supports Eastminster’s worship services to the glory of God, including all choirs, the praise team, arts, communion preparation, acolytes, flowers, sound and lighting, Wedding Guild, and special services. Vicky Ryder (18) Janie Bunch (19) (404) 353-7094 (678) 524-8941 or (770) 579-1301

  • Deacons

    The Deacon Board of Eastminster shows Christ's love and mercy by welcoming, supporting, and encouraging the fellowship of believers through prayer, nurture, and hospitality.
    Team Chair(s) Phone
    Staff Liaison Deacon Moderator Vice Moderator Deacon (Assisting Facilities Elders) Rev. Blake Hudson Susan Welborn (18) Elaine Crock (19) Dan Kiser (18) (404) 775-4914 (770) 617-2277 (678) 361-7429 (678) 230-4297 or (678) 494-0305
    Welcoming – Coordinates our greeters and ushers for our worship services and nurtures an authentic, welcoming environment for visitors and covenant partners alike. Sara Dilworth (20) Alison Horton (19) Chris McKemie (19) (770) 314-1803 (678) 362-6513 (404) 202-1023
    Hospitality - Plans and coordinates events and fellowship activities for our church family Cindy Holland (18) Wendy Brodrick (19) Kathy Schuette (19) Elaine Crock (19) (678) 622-6388 (678) 458-1250 (404) 310-3761 (678)-361-7429
    Nurture - Responsible for the ongoing physical and emotional care of our church family Ray Westerlage (19) Susan Welborn (18) Lisa Tabor (20)Roger Dickerson (20) (770) 655-6768 (770) 480-7050 (770) 361-4580(678) 612-4310
    Prayer - Deepening the prayer life of Eastminster by praying for, with, and on behalf of our covenant partners, guests, and community. Christi Laverty (18) JJ Griffin (20) Rick Sloss (20) (770) 617-2277 (404) 245-0535 (770) 977-4723