Lights of Hope


“Lights of Hope”
Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration
Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Adopt a Tree, wrap the trunk with lights, and pray for our community and our country that the light of hope will shine brightly forth to dispel the darkness.



The entire church is invited to join the fun on Wednesday, November 28. Here’s a peek at the night’s festivities:

• • •

5:30 – 6:30: Dinner, caroling, cookies, hot chocolate and dessert!


6:30 – 7:15: The children are dismissed to the Children’s Ministry with Miss Kelly to decorate a special cookie, for worship and joyful celebration. The adults will partake in “Hanging of the Greens” by hanging door wreaths, assembling the trees in the CLC, and decorating our beautiful campus to bring in that holiday feeling. Those who are unable to help may enjoy cookies, hot chocolate and fellowship during this short period.


7:15 – 7:30: Gather all together under the front portico for another carol, a prayer, and seeing the trees light up.

We are very excited for this time together, and envision a night of church family camaraderie and sense of belonging – just as our Lord intended.

• • •

Contact Carolyn Waters (678-522-3154) with questions.

Thank you for taking time to share the hope of Christ with all our church family and the community that surrounds us. This Christmas season will be more beautiful because of your time and commitment!

Charitable donations will support Agape Way to provide Christmas gifts for the children of families in need right here in the Atlanta area. Click the link to sign up today!

Secure A Tree Today!

If you are interested in Decorating a Tree this year, please see the instructions below to ensure your tree decorating experience is a great one! 

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Your Assigned Tree: Each tree has been numbered with a round, colored disc tacked to the top of the trunk before it starts to branch out. This should be used as your approximate stopping point.

Light Pickup: Pick up your lights on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning after the Traditional Service beginning November 1. Lights will be in a large baggie, labeled with the tree number you have selected. The box of lights will be stored in the church office. Please have your tree trunk wrapped before Thanksgiving or no later than Sunday, November 25. Please join us for dinner, caroling, the lighting ceremony, and fun!

Tree Wrapping:
Step 1:
Start at the base, making sure the plug is on the ground.
Step 2: Wrap trunk with lights at about 4” to 5” intervals.
Step 3: Stop approximately 4-5 feet up the trunk or when you run out of lights.

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Tree Assignments:

  1. Carolyn Waters
  2. The Mordecai Family
  3. The McClendon Family
  4. Norm Baur
  5. Happy Rocks
  6. The Capparucci Family
  7. Jeanette Gowen
  8. The Bunch Small Group
  9. Tom Nickles
  10. Daniel Bible Study: Wednesday Night
  11. Daniel Sunday School Class
  12. Frank & Jo Byrd
  13. Small Group Wednesday AM (S. Baur)
  14. Jane & Judy Struk
  15. Vicky Ryder
  16. Bobby Ryder
  17. Melinda Freeman
  18. Happy Rocks
  19. John Speiser
  20. Julie John
  21. Julie John
  22. Jim & Debbie Bussart
  23. Sarah Nielsen