Men, when you spend forty or eighty hours a week at your job, it’s easy to lose perspective. You slide into the false belief that what you do defines you, rather than allowing who you are define what you do. Your calling toward better leadership is a calling toward deeper discipleship. That’s how you become a Discipled Leader.


On Saturday morning, August 3, Speaker Preston Poore will be talking with us about becoming a Discipled Leader. Specifically, we’ll dive into developing Christlike character, influencing your culture and changing your world. Be sure to mark your calendars for this time together, it will be impactful. Even now, please join us in praying for the conference, and for any men in your life that you would like to invite.
The conference is cost is $20 now through July 22. Cost will increase to $25 after. Register today by clicking below:

Conference Registration


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