News and Events for the Week of December 16, 2018

 Wednesday Night Dinner is on pause for the month of December. Merry Christmas!
— This Christmas Eve, our Family Service and Nativity Pageant begins at 5PM, our Carols & Candlelight Service at 7PM, and we will have Carols, Candlelight & Holy Communion at 11PM. We pray this special time serves your family well. Join us in celebrating the true reason for this, and every season!
— We pray that you all enjoyed our Christmas is Scotland Advent candlelight service of hope this past weekend!


— BOY SCOUT TROOP 565 will be picking up Christmas trees as a fundraising project on Saturday December 29 and January 5. Cost is $20 to $25 for the scouts to pick up your tree and drop it off at a mulching center. Please visit our website: marietta565.mytroop.us to sign up.
— Registration for the Spring semester of Suppers of 8 is open! Visit epres.org/suppers to register today!

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